The Black Man Instructions!!!!!!!

I am a man 2If I had the time to sit and talk to these young kats there’s a few things I would school ’em on. Real talk..Our up and coming black boys have no idea of what it is to be a man. It’s so much wack  shit going on a nigga will get clowned for doing the right thing. On the flip side you got dudes making records about how glorious it is to do nothing much with the life you’ve been blessed with.

Since when did this get fly?

 A BoMe & my sony Needs a Man in his life to teach him how to be a man. If your Pops ain’t here; if he doesn’t care; if he don’t know; or if he can’t help you…Don’t Worry. I GOT YOU. I hereby present you with The Black Man Instructions:

 Be a Proud Father Now I don’t know when it became cool to not take care of your kids but these young dudes need a father. If I hear one more dude complain about his kids or say that ‘his father ain’t raise him and he turned out just fine’ I am go in his mouth. You come up without a father and seen your mother struggling or not struggling. Your quick to announce how you had it hard. Your fucked up because you ain’t had your Pops around but yet you turn around and leave your kid to fend for themselves? And that’s cool? No Nigga! It’s not cool. Not only should you take care of your kids. You should have the utmost pride in the fact that you are raising and being an INFLUENCE on your child’s life. You have the ability to mold your child into bigger and better than you ever were. That’s some shyt to be proud of. That’s some Man shit right there. Whether you with the female or not. That’s a piece of you. And while your at it. Stop Having Random Children


t_magnum_l_12box1Congratulations. Your fuckin. Now why don’t you act like a big boy and carry some ccondoms with you when your gonna smash. Wet pussy is some of the best shit on Earth! That’s my word. But you don’t slide up in any female that lets you slide in her raw. ARE YOU BUGGED? Do you think your the first one to go in like that? You really think your the only one who had been up in her skin to skin? Word? Is that what she said? Oh. You don’t care? Do you care about the diseases? HIV, maybe? Do you care about the 9 months you might spend waiting to hear that you got another 18+ years to deal with her when she has your child? Do you care about the fact that the bitch is crazy and is going to make your life a miserable hell whether your the father or not? My dude, all good things come to those who wait. Find you a nice chick, wife her up on some legit shit. Keep your dick close to home if you wanna smash a side piece. Wear a condom or two. Fuck it. Consider being faithful even. But what ever you do…stop making random babies. I am tired of looking at them at when I come ova your baby mommas house to smash.


blog_skinnyjeans No Bitch Pants aka Mandex I’m not even sure how to approach this one. I mean, we all had on gear at one time or another that looked wack as hell when you look back on it. But this isn’t even about bad fashion choices. This is about MAN-ness or the lack thereof. How do I put this nicely? How do I make myself clear? SKINNY JEANS ON STRAIGHT MEN IS WRONG. EXTRA SAGGY SKINNY JEANS IS JUST GAY.I wonder if these young kats even realize that the saggy jeans shit is something started in prison. If that seems cool to you then do you also realize that the prison culture is also a very homosexual culture? Ah, yeah! Whats even more interesting is that this particular style encourages all these stick skinny so-called straight men to walk around with denim pantyhose on. That’s a violation of the Man Code. It just is. Since when is it fly for a man to walk around exposing his ass? I’ll tell you when. It’s always been the thing to do in the gay clubs. Sagging jeans under you ass makes for easy access in them dark corners of the clubs. If you ‘bump’ into someone you fancy you can bump into them right on the dance floor. I ain’t knocking homosexuals. Do you.!!At least these dudes have a reason to go outside like that. They are sending a message. That’sthere way of flaunting their offerings. If your a straight dude that wants to fight when some dude makes a pass at you then whats your excuse? Straight dudes have no business walking around showing off their ass. I see dudes in the streets that wouldn’t be able to throw their hands up or run from danger if they had to. Dude would bust his ass tripping over them tight assdenim pantyhose. The excuse to wear extra baggy jeans used to be that your Long had to have some space. I guess this means you young kats don’t need as much room in your pants as us grown men do. I don’t know. I rock my pants with a belt, like a grown ass man should. Like my father did before me. “Pull up your pants, son”,I guess you never heard those words before? Straighten your clothes. Be neat and look presentable in public. Have some pride about you. I wonder what you would say if I told you that the baggy jeans were also directly related to the Black Man being considered a ‘boy’ in society. Who else would walk around outside, un-kept and sloppy but a child that doesn’t know any better? Bitch pants ain’t cool. Stop putting your ass on display. You never know whose checking for you. Having your drawers on display daily is making some queen somewhere very, very happy. No Homo..or are you?

 Get Your Gcufflinksrown Man On

 The bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:11“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Some of you dudes ain’t putting away your childish ways. Why do some young katsfear growing up? You live with your Mom’s but complain about her rules and the lack of privacy. You can’t understand why your shorty can’t shake it up with you. You want to go out to the clubs but you don’t wanna go unless you can rock your hood attire. Fuk is wrong with you? Now that you are grown why don’t you want to get out that hood scene? Meet some classy women, relax and not have to worry about whose pulling out heat in the club tonight. Seriously, did you really just wait all them years to finally be of age but you refuse to do the grown folks shit that makes you a grown man? Word. You refuse to put on a suit, get a decent haircut or speak proper English and you are confused as to why you have a college degree but can’t find a job. These same dudes complain about ‘The Man’ is holding them down. True. The man Is holding you down-BUT THAT MAN IS YOU! Take pride in how you look. Don’t you know perception is everything? You ain’t taliored clothesimpressing nobody but some other helpless nigg* with the tags on your clothes. You could be using the money you spend on irrelevant gear to do so much more. Who are you impressing by telling the next man that you have $6k worth of kicks in your closet but no money for your child’s day care expenses. You ain’t got no place to lay your head but you got grillz that you refuse to take out your mouth. “Keeping it hood” is actually keeping it self defeating and ignorant. In order to change the game you must first be invited to play. All the education and good intentions in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how to package and market yourself. Don’t blame that piece of paper on your failure at success. Blame your skinny, saggy jeans and Ice grill. If you refuse to change because you are ‘repping your hood’, Congrats. I respect a man with determination. Good luck with that while I am crisp in my *******



  1. I appreciate how much thought you put into your writings. I got the point & so did everyone else. Man up or get the hell out lol.

    • Thanks alot I really appreciate the fact that people like my writing… I am trully humbled!!!

  2. Ant-Live! Someone needed to set the record straight… And you did. I hope that this article is read by many because it holds many valid points..

    • Thanks sweetie i just had to.. to much funny biz going on these days.. These young guys are walking around with their boxers out thinking that shit is cool.. not!!!! Glad you enjoyed it… please read all of my post and share it with your soror’s you know I love me some Delta’s lol

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