The realest shit, I never wrote!!!!!

In the words of the late great Bernie Mac *Good Morning America* I’m back with some new heat from a talented poet from the DMV area (D.C, Maryland, Virginia) a good friend of mine Ms. Jazz.   She has a dope blog called: the following is an excerpt from her blog profile:

“Transforming Delusions of Grandeur into Reasonable Realities,Cause I already dabbled in life’s misconceptions indulged in it’s fantasies played around with insanity but never becoming it’s friend walked in ignorance cause they said it was bliss, grew, matured caught up on the life that I almost missed.”

So now that you know a little more about Jazz, it’s time to find out why I love her work. The following is a poem that Jazz recently wrote and when I read it I was taken on a emotional roller-coaster…. The  visual that Jazz creates with this poem is nothing like  anything  I have ever seen or heard. I now place Jazz in the elite poet class with other heavy hitters in the game like  Tracyreneejones & MissMomosa (both whom you can find on twitter). This is a personal poem for her and the fact that she is open & willing to share this part of her life with her readers is what makes Jazz a class act so without further adieu. 

 The Young jazzM. Clayton poetry spotlight presents: “Face down in the Wood chips”


By Jazz


True story

Once upon a time
in one of the darkest valleys off my life
I found
Myself face down
In the wood chips
of an elementary school playground
I had taken to the head MUCH rum
I sipped it fast and furious till it was done
I was already past drunk
now I was stupid
he told ME
when WE were we
supposed to be me and he
he got she
when we were us
he bust a nut
and got slut
with child
and all the while
he lied

I was past the point of return
I picked up the phone
called him
called his trick
that he shared his dick with
when it was thought to be mine solely
oh lil misguided me
I told her how she was a sad little girl
how she was stupid to believe
he would really make her part of his permanent world
yeah me
face down in the wood chips
I pissed myself thrice
I was so gone I lost all control of me
The rum
made me numb
I could NOT move
I was stuck
alcohol had me parralyzed
But did I have to be face down
why not looking up at the sky
Called her back

I told her not to let me catch her nasty ass on the block
or that’s a wrap
she gonna get got
all the while
face down
in the wood chips
of the elementary school playground
then I called him
told him
scolded him
for being the thorn in my side
annihilated my heart
trampled my soul
pierced my spirit
with this pain
of which I could not be consoled
just me
that bottle
that rum
and my pissy pants
Nigga leave me be
and all the while
you lied
And you hit me
Left me Physically abused…over YOU?
You put your hands on me
And probably she
Kia he asked..where are you let me come get you
to which I replied
Fuck you, you are neither my friend nor my lover
I’m fine mother fucker
as I wipe the spit from my mouth
laying face down
in the wood chips
on the playground of an elementary school
Then daddy called
KiKi where are you lil girl
Why you wanna know …you aint care when I was REALLY your lil girl
when daddy should have been my whole world…leave me alone dammit
let me be
oh GOD I can’t move my legs
And yet again I can feel this pee
Still all alone
it’s getting cold
negative thoughts on repeat
mentally trapped by this man and that she
after all that we
been through
after all I told you
How when I was a child
They touched me the wrong way
How life left me pained and bound
How when I was to young to know
they forced me
into this grown up world
They said trust me
I did
Mentally abused
Physically battered
Sexually tattered
at such a young age
Life didn’t matter
joy couldn’t be fathomed
I felt pure rage
I WAS once again center stage
where the audience is laughing
at me
I fell asleep
face down in the wood chips
When I awoke
face down in the wood chips
I wanted to go home
It was dark
I was wet
face down in the wood chips
I grab my phone
No Dial tone
Battery dead
I cant walk home
I fall asleep
awake again get on my knees
God get me home please
Yes stupid me
I stumble I was cold, I crawled most of the way home
On a neighborhood sidewalk
darkwood chips in playground
As I look back
now in a state of peace….misery relieved
Over she and he and the aborted baby
So glad I have found peace
sustained by grace
in a grand place
of JOY
And as I look back I can say
Years later you can’t tell me nothing
absolutely nothing
Bout wood chips!
© 2008 by Jazz Imaginations . All rights reserved


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