The worst I ever saw!!!!

 What’s good America? It’s Young M. Clayton back again with the topic of the day which is the Drake “Best I ever Had Video” No I am so not a hater, but when I see some wack shit I have to speak on it… If you’ve been sleeping under a rock or been in the witness protection program, you had to have heard drake’s new single “Best I Ever Had” all over the radio. It’s a catchy song that has taken the radio waves by storm. Now I’m not gonna act like I’m Drake’s #1 fan (Which would never happen) but I do actually like this song. So when I heard that he dropped a video, I was actually excited to see what type of visual he would have to make his video & single a smash hit…

and then I sarapper-drake-030309w it!!!!

The Video that has single handily set woman back (especially black actress’s & models)  a million years. This video looks like something that a first year film student directed with a $500 budget and was casted with an all-star lineup of your favorite “Ghetto Princess’s”. I’m just saying!!! all you see in the video is tits & ass (which I really wouldn’t mind seeing.. if I was watching a porno.. lol) set to a lame High School the Musical theme..SMH!! Now I will give drake credit for trying to be different.. so he gets an E for Effort and N for Nice Try, but overall the video is a *Major Fail*.

Drake you are a talented artist and I actually think you will be good in the industry.. but fam.. in the words of the great Mark “Action” Jacksoncome on fam your better than that”!!

Step your video game up, because from the looks off it “We don’t believe you.. you need more people”, and the worst thing you want is a fan base who doesn’t believe in you.

America I’ll let you be the judge. hit me back with your comments I would love to here from you!!!!!


I’m Just Sayin!!

Young M. Clayton



  1. Very well said. Drake’s video is garbage and both Drake and Kanye should be ashamed of themselves. They are perpetuating the stereotypes that make women and black people look simple and oversexualized. Not a good look-he could have ahad a dope story line instead it looked like they got to the set and said “Let’s just do this shit and get it over with” I get what you are trying to do Drake but um no

    • Sweetie I already know how you feel about this subject…. Thanks for the comment!!!

  2. I agree it’s wack and degrading to women. I want Kanye and Drake to do better!

    • Thanks keisha,
      I feel the same way it’s bad enough woman have to put up with all types of stereotypes when dealing with the music business. but this just woman back a long way with this one!!!! Thanks for your input & commentary!!!
      Young M. Clayton

  3. I will have to agree… Like the Song, but Don’t like the Video (But they do look GOOOOD) ! And the worst part about it all… is Kanyne Did the Video 😦 Wish it turned out better!


    Joe Fraser

  4. I hadn’t see it till just now, that was dumb! What was the point? There was not one visual that went with the song… SMH

  5. What a horrible video. I had a vision for how this video would be. That Drake would have a female lead in the video and it would go along with the song. It would show him doing all the things he says in the video and that it would just flow with the song and make sense. THIS SHIT HERE…THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE NICCA~ NOT HOT!

    The sad part is what else can you expect in a market that degrades women and exploits sex and drugs. This video is a disgusting tribute to music and video’s all together. The first few seconds have tits and ass all bouncing and jiggling through the damn screen as if I am watching a homemade cheasy ass porno and it’s horrible, tacky and have no creative concept what so ever~

    Drake needs his ass whipped for this disgraceful, disrespectful attempt at a video! The whole Coach Drake theme, WTF? It makes no sense. I agree with you that he has potential to be a good rapper. His sound is hot, his lyrics are fresh, his appeal is “IN” for what the market is producing today so it seems. I truly thought he would come out with a video that was worth something for me to Youtube but this shit…MAJOR EPIC FUCKING FAIL AUBREY! YET he is with Lil WAYNEnita so really what kind of creative expression can we expect from a slurred word druggie on a ego high!?

    It shows how much society has downgraded in all aspects. Not just with this video but all the other ones and the songs they are made to (which is why I stopped watching BET, MTV, VH1 & any other video themed channel back in highschool (2000)). This is the crap our kids listen to, the songs our lil daughters dance to with their friends at sleepovers, the songs our young boys listen to on thier Ipods while at the park with their friends and it’s all garbage, you can tell them not to listen to it but they will anyway. It’s teaching our young future women that having tits and ass beats Intellect, Values and self-respect and showing our young future men to treat females like shoes. Wear em down, throw em out and get a new pair! Sad….

    Yes we can blame the rappers but also blame the Execs who allow this shit to be made. They are not caring about respect to women or music with a purpose, they care about the money these ass clowns bring in. People wonder why I no longer truly listen to RAP, it’s not because I am hating on my Black people (as some say) but it’s because I am not into singing along to a song that calls me out my name and focuses more on my body than any other aspect of what a real woman is made of. When Rap music comes back, I’ll be the first in line to purchase it’s new album but until then, I’m gonna turn on 93X and get my Rock on!


  6. Damn.. as much as I love Drake.. I gotta say.. this shit is absolutely horrible.. I am so disappointed. I really don’t have anything else to say.. you said it all.. and *ditto* with the comments as well.. *smh*

  7. Nice!

  8. Interesting comments. I’ve heard the song before, but I am rather old so I don’t connect up with the videos these days. Anyhow, the decision to do a “Coach Carter”-like video with girls in “sexy high school” basketball uniforms is a lame script. Whoever wrote it has not seen day one of screenwriter’s guild sessions.

    Drake was attempting to act. He has not taking enough acting courses to convincing play any kind of lead role, anywhere. To actually convince the audience of that “anger” toward losing a Basketball game.

    The underlying point of the video was to show that these “corporate boobies” are NOT the best… At least not in sports. The opposing team was taller and nebulous–you didn’t really see their faces, just their complexions. To add the “fans in the stands”- who were little boys, what does that say?

    The point of the song may not be about the continually singing-“baby you are the best”. But hard work and effort makes you that, and not just by someone saying it–and if that was the director’s pitch, then the point was not shown effectively. To show that point effectively, one girl had to be like a “Carrie” odd-ball, standout. But, I doubt whomever wrote the script had the skill sets to effectively relay that concept per reflection of the video, which is apparently ~2 minutes and how many story boards for X# of shots and film–including dialog, which means editing time and costumes?

    Whoever handles Drake, be it Sony et al. in order for this info to be greenlighted, he was told to do it this way. I guess you win some & you lose some.

    Dr. G-

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