We Don’t Believe You….. You Need More People!!!

 all white

Yes, Yes. It’s now a cliché but that doesn’t mean it’s not still necessary.

On second thought, I GOT IT! The Lying, The Bitch and the Walrus!!

No. That won’t do.

We don’t believe you… you need more people!!!!!

Ah, yes. That’s it. (Thunder bolts sound effects) http://www.freesfx.co.uk/download/?type=wav&id=943

 Once again I’m back, and papa’s got a brand new bag… I know you know me to be an even-tempered, positive, drama free brother. I have a confession to make…. it’s all a lie. Well, not really a lie so much as it a deception on my part. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a nice guy. But sometimes the slow people confuse kindness for weakness. Sometimes the slow people confuse reality with fiction. Sometimes the slow people confuse their real lives with the lives they carefully ‘create’ on-line. Today’s the day to address some of the  Won-ton fraud that has been going down on Twitter!

 One Question: WTF is going on with you guys? I mean let’s get it together America!

I wonder how many people have noticed the crazy behavior that has turned Twitter into a modern day Caste system that rewards childish behavior and over dramatization? I have been falling back some days because a few characters make me want to reach thru the computer and slap the shit out of them for having the audacity to utilize a keyboard!!!

 But I digress.

 Some of you have nothing more to offer than cruelty and it disgusts me that you somehow get elevated to some tweeter celebrity status… Some of you got so caught up in your own little cyber world that you started to believe your own bullshit. Some of you are promoting your services (DJ’s, Rappers and Motivational Speakers, I’m talking to you) as if you have any other service to offer aside from promoting your service to others. You don’t have a skill or a business besides some poorly constructed web site that you throw up through out the day to drive traffic to your site. I don’t click links from people I don’t know anymore. I don’t want to hear your music. I don’t wanna check out your bullshit ass Ning group so more of you piranha’s can pelt me with more advertisements for services that you don’t really offer. After all, isn’t this entire web exercise an attempt to LAUNCH the business you convinced yourself you own? I don’t want to give you five minutes of my life for you to waste! This post is for those who want to say it but are either too sacred or too shook (or too stupid) to say it.

(Cues Jay-z The Takeover) We don’t believe you…you need more people!!!!!

Did you hear what went down on LC Experience http://www.blogtalkradio.com/LCXRadio last night? If not then I suggest you check out @HasanLC  @MF213 @YoungMClayton @MsStylistik http://twitter.com/tearlesspoet every Tuesday night so find out what’s really good. Shit, I am a regular guest on the show and I learned something new last night. Seems like @Divasmistress has been talking reckless about the kid.

  "This is the chick that was talking greasy about the kid, are you serious?"

  “This is the chick that was talking greasy about the kid, are you serious?”

I didn’t find this out until the conversation spilled from @HasanLC. Like real talk, I seen this chick was a fraud the first time I met her. Me and my entourage rolled through one of her ‘listening’ parties to check out the music. It wasn’t a bad set, some decent people; most of them weren’t industry people. She looked like a purple elephant in the room, nothing sexy about her and she was bigger than her picture hinted at. I wasn’t there for no love connection though, so I pulled @Divasmistress over to the side to get more information on her ‘artist’. Funny thing was she wasn’t able to answer basic questions, nor did she understand me when I kicked ‘industry’ terms at her. Even funnier is that in time, I learned that she doesn’t have ‘artist’ and her ‘artist’ didn’t know he worked for her. She doesn’t own a web design business. She doesn’t do marketing for ‘various clients’. In fact, it seems like @Divasmistress is exactly what I thought her to be upon our first in-person meeting. She’s a fan club member that gofers on behalf of the important people. She’s the type that’s happy to be next to those she wishes she could be. It’s unfortunate that with all the fiction this chick introduced to everyone’s life that she didn’t decide to write a dam book. All that imagination going to waste! And not only is her ‘professional’ profile fake, it seems like she’s a trifling gutter bunny to boot. I heard some crazy shit last night. Did you know that all those heartbreaking stories about her miscarriages were fake? Did you know that all the attention and Tweets focusing on how she spoils her kids is fake? The word on the street is that her kids don’t see the barber or a plate of food often. That’s insane that someone would pretend to take care of their children, profess their love and attention paid; to said children all while ignoring their Asses while Mommy Twitters. She supposedly is some type of video whore who uses prosthetic boners to anal probe her male clients. @Divasmistress professed to be a conservative and respectable woman, imaging my surprise when I heard that she regularly offers (and is turned down) coochie to the industry dudes. Honestly…. I am not mad at no ho for being a ho. I know she was feeling me and I like um thick but I can’t risk falling into an azz as big as hers. All she could do for me was introduce me to a better-looking bitch.

 And I do find it funny asdiva web shot hell that her website http://divasmistress.com/



 is still advertising the same radio show that out-ed her bullshit. What I am mad at is the attack on my personal and professional character. I will take solace in the fact that she didn’t just imply relationships and kick dirt on me only. Seems like that’s her M.O. at random. Peep @Divasmistress twitpic page. Click through HERE and see if she has your picture up there accusing you with sleeping with her or trying to get at her. Ladies, that includes you too. I wonder if @TennilleP knew her date was being broadcast on Twitpic?

Tenille is such a beautiful & educated woman I can't believe that she would actually date Divas Mistress!!  Tenille is such a beautiful & educated woman I can’t believe that she would actually date Divas Mistress!!

See. I am who I say I am. I do what I say I will do, I know who I say I know (which I don’t discuss like that cuz…it’s business). I built my brand off my connections by orchestrating strategic relationships. Other’s and me word is not only our bond; it also contributes to our bread and butter. To think someone would purposely go out there way to tear down what I have created for no reason other than his or her misery is why from now on, before me and you get ‘real life’ with it I will need you to quantify your existence.

Don’t be mad when you reach out to me and I say: We don’t believe you… you need more people!!!!!

Next is for all of the people on twitter who claim to be “Motivational Speakers” and “Success Coaches” who hash tag (#) there quotes and give links to their pages all day long. Have you ever clicked on one? I have and all it did was take me to a generic page, which contained more random links that sent me to (you got it!) another generic page containing the same random links back to the original page. Like @jawar (yeah I said it)! C’mon, son. So you wrote how many books, son? Releasing an E-book or two doesn’t make you a professional author. You looked like an Indy music rep that decided to clean up real nice and sell a dream. THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE…. I laugh at that every time I see if because it basically boils down to “If I can see it, then I can do it If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it” These are the lyrics of “I Believe I can Fly” do you see the inspiration behind @JaWar’s mantra? All day long you quote and quote and quote some more. Honestly, being able to cut and paste motivations that are readily available on the Internet does not make you a genius. I can’t image why anyone would be impressed with you. You come off as a snake charmer. I read your Tweets throughout the say and half of them are incoherent and the other half is so cliché it’s a waste of 140 characters. Stop trying to pull the wool over these peoples eyes. It just makes me laugh at how quick people jump on one’s bandwagon without doing their research. If you want to follow some official Motivational Speakers followhttp://twitter.com/iamashcash @yasminshiraz   @kerrieEspuga @thequatumcoach. These people are definitely about their biz, not about being phony. So to you @Jawar and all of the other Phony Balogni Motivational Speakers.

You get a We don’t believe you… you need more people!!!!!

 I am who I say I am. I do what I said I would do.

I am capable and can refer you to person upon person that can back up who I am.

I got my people. DO YOU?



  1. YOUR “REAL-NESS” IS REFRESHING… :::deep breath::: :::inhale… exhale::: LOVED IT!!

    • Thanks so much.. I just had to go in.. I like to use my powers for good but when provoked… I turn into the Incredible Hulk.. GRRR!!!!!

  2. Excellent & engaging piece of writing, indeed. WOW!!!! You have expressed what so many are thinking but don’t have the courage or intelligence to say or write. I’m gonna keep it simple…as they said back in the day…”The truth shall always set you free!” Once you start telling lies, you have the tedious task of trying to remember, it’s easier to tell the truth. Once the web is spun, one tends to get entangled or caught up without any recourse for escape. People just need to be who they are and stop trying to say they are whom they are not.Funny thing is some people love to put others on “blast” of “go in” on people but when the shoe is on the other foot now they’re limping and have somehow become he victim. None of us are perfect (we are all a work in progress) nor can we judge, (that’s God’s job)!

    • Thanks so much I appreciate your comment… I just felt it was time to expose some of the wack people on twitter, I am a cool respectful brother who works hard and is for anyone or anything that is positive. But I can not and will not allow my name or my reputation get thrown under the bus. So on that note I had to Either her…

      Young M. Clayton Im just Sayin Ent. 646-642-4093 http://www.twitter.com/YoungMClayton http://www.youngmclayton.wordpress.com

  3. I’m glad I was too damn boring for her sorry, trifling ass. And damn she got a huge one. Have you seen Duece Bigalo, when every time he was around that really big and tall woman, someone in the background would shout, “THAT’S A HUGE BITCH!” Yeah!

    As for the fake inspirational folks that need to live by their own words? Nuff said!

  4. Oh my goodness. I just got around to reading today’s blogpost. I swear I miss everything when I go to work. Dang!!!!!!!!!!! What…Who… I don’t even know where to start boo. LMAO at this post. What do I think? Hm… I give it a 5-STAR review. This is a fab posting and hopefully a warning to others. I liken it to a wake up call. It will be interesting to see how many people snap to attention when they read it, and how many hit the snooze button….again…. I loved it LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! This is definitely worthy of my all time FAVORITE THEME SHOW SONG!!!!

    “Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again, your heart is true your a pal and a confidant, and If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew. You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say “Thank You For Being A Friend”.

    YOU ARE SO BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • All I can say is wow…. thanks for the 5-Star Rating. I definitely appreciate the love, all I can and could be is me.. nothing more, nothing less….I’m just happy to be here! Just won’t ever take an attack on my name, or my character. .

  5. Hey sir it’s ya girl!

    First you know I love the realness!
    Seoncd, OMG NING upsets me to the highest heights of blogging upsetness(new word) every time someone sends me a invite I click it see that NING logo and click right back out. That is some insanity right there!

    Third, you know it is my plight in life to at least try to take up for the underdog. People who live like this are not well, yes we all call them crazy but the truth is to a certain degree, yes they are. Most of these people are ones who suffer from things like, low self esteem and self hate.

    These people create for themselves a life that they wish they had to escape the actual pain of the life they live. Most times they have been emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. They live in their pain, and sometimes, it overtakes them so deeply that they in fact withdraw from reality. yes it is a shame that they go to such great lengths to achieve this fantasy life, but pain drives us to do things we would normally not do. I feel for these individuals, they have been beat by men, molested by the dirty, hurt by names, downed by life, they need to fit in, because they have been ostracized and they need love and acceptance, to feel whole with in themselves, they are looking to belong in because they feel they have no where and no one or nothing to belong to, so they associate themselves in places as a way of trying to cure their pain. they have been kicked to the curb by friends loved ones and they need to feel loved. Depression is a nasty cycle to get caught in, people who normally behave in a manner that is becoming will commit actions that they themselves never in a million years saw themselves commit. The lack of love in ones life WILL drive you to insanity. We all have a need to feel love, we just don’t all handle it in the same way

    Now that she has been found out, this will only get worse for her, she has now been shut out again, she has now been kicked to the curb, and to heal her pain she will now recreate and reinvent herself in another way, and her cycle will continue and possibly get worse, lets just hope God sends some one her way who sees what her real issue is and gets her on the right road.

    Yeah I went there, it is what I do, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say it babe!

    Im out!

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