United We Stand… Divided We Fall!!!

“It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”, that was a hot album title of Public Enemies’ second album back in 1988. This was the theme that began the movement of social empowerment and black nationalism among the culture of Hip Hop. A lot has changed since then, like the increased number of Blacks and Latinos attending college and moving into white collar jobs and up the social ladder. One big thing that has changed since then is the fact that we have a BLACK MAN as president. That sure was a fine day! Many people didn’t think they would live to see it. Elders and young people of color in every corner of the world rejoiced, danced in the streets and looked on in pride and wonderment, myself  included. I mean who would of thought that the son of a Kenyan scholarship student and a girl from Wichita, Kansas would marry and then give birth to the man that would change the course of history in the U.S.?

Having a Black man run for president caused the nation to take a close look at themselves. People of all races reached out to each other in the spirit of brotherhood. The United part of the United States finally, after all these years, arrived. Blacks are now recognized as equal. “Blacks are no longer seen as less than“, is what everyone said. The old spirit of white supremacy had finally been laid to rest. Or had it?This health care debate is bringing out out allot of ugly in Republican media. I’ve seen the president’s 11 year old daughter, Maliyah, was called a “a tMalia-Obama-in-CND-T-shir-003ypical street whore”.


The Vancouver Sun ran an article about The Conservative Republic who later removed the article after mounting emails and negative media attention from all over the web. The conversation about health care (which I am for) has been pushed in the shadows, right were the big people with money who need for us to keep giving them more money want it to be. It’s working, because I can’t focus on the health care issue when I see stuff like this, a picture of O’Bama as a tribesman


















 This picture was sent out in an email by a Florida neurosurgeon who disagrees with the health reform. Neurosurgeon, you think he has something to lose if he has to work for a standard rate? All those deep pocketed neural nerve damaged patients won’t be getting over on him! Oh, yeah, he’s also against using tax money to assist homeless people.

In June, former State Senate candidate Rusty DePass, made a comment on Facebook about Michelle O’Bama in which he compared her ancestors to gorillas. The comments were removed after a backlash from other Republicans who screamed on old boy about his comment. But you didn’t hear about that one, did you?

There is also this really great group of folks over at P.U.M.A. (People United Means Action) who have created a political campaign short film called “The Lost Michelle O’Bama Tapes”.  In this film, which you can see on Youtube, members of the P.U.M.A. This movie was produced by Patricia E. Lee, Esq and a Hilary Clinton super hero named Ken Tietjen, who not only wrote the film but also appeared in BLACKFACEas a character in the film.BLACKFACE, that’s just so 1960’s *checks calendar*. It is 2009 and most people find this behavior to be racist and disturbing and of course there are some people that think its funny to depict Blacks like this. I bet some of you think that the lack of media attention is a good thing. Why give steam to these stories that are hurtful and stir up rage and anger in Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Other? I’ll tell you why we should be talking about this. If you follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/YoungMclayton) or any of my crew (click the Following link and follow who I follow) you’ll get plenty of Tweets and links that lead to hot political news topics. When you got some time, check em out, the best part of the sites aren’t the actual topics, the interesting parts are the comments from the readers. Read them.

 You’ll find out that there is a quiet simmering conflict going on. There are members of the Republican Party that are still angry that a Black man is president and they are getting antsy.O’Bama is now on tour pushing his health care reform initiative during town hall meetings similar to what he did during his campaign. There is a slight difference this time though, people are showing up to the town hall meetings with high powered automatic weapons. Oh, yeah. It’s like that. Of course everyone with any sense knows that these are elementary intimidation tactics. What Black person doesn’t know what it means when a bully shows up with the heater on full display? Yeah, just like that time you got stuck up at the PJ’s.  The subliminal message is clear, “It could happen to you, boy”. But what, exactly, is about to happen you ask? Power struggles and friction cause people to lose moral sensibilities. I see a storm on the horizon and I am not the only one. Check out Wayne Besen (www.twitter.com/Truthwinout) over at the HuffingtonPost, he wrote an interesting article about what can happen when power and class struggles go wrong.

gun1There is a small buzz on the streets among the new Black scholars debating if there is still a need to promote Black Nationalism now that we do have a Black president? I found a great article here, written by the Thought Merchant called “Is Black Nationalism Relevant in the Age of Obama?” Do we still need groups like the NAACP that fight for the protection and advancement of people of color? I think we do, but I will say that I am not sure their latest court plight is worthy of the time and money in light of the other things people of color have going on right now. Hopefully that story is just another Internet rumor spun as real news. The culture war is coming, groups like the NAACP need to focus their focus on what’s really good……STAT. Strange that I don’t find more people that look like me talking about this. I mean, all people of color were proud to have O’Bama breakthrough that racial ceiling. People who are not-of-color had their faith in the words “equality” and “character” reinforced by the election of O’Bama. We came together to get the man elected but we get quiet once he steps into the arena to do battle. What’s that about? The conversations, the debates, the issues, the discussion needs to continue. Blacks should be less concerned with Chris and RiRi as they are about plans to attempt to get this country back on it’s feet. The economy is sitting on the side of the road, only capable of a sputter with no engine power. Right now, O’Bama is the AAA we are all depending on. Can we afford to lose him to a fanatic dissenter (one who disagree’s  for you slow folks)? They are still lynching black folks in this country. Your silence is your consent to intimidate you. Your silence is the encouragement these gun toting, slur slinging fanatics need to feed their belief that this is THEIR COUNTRYand you and O’Bama are trying to ‘take it away’ from them. Ever see a toddler have a raging tantrum? Yeah, just like that.

Well, what can we do about it, Mr. Clayton?

Glad you asked. Your doing something by reading this article right now. Your are doing something by reading the links included in this post. Talk to your friends, talk to your co-workers, stay informed. The same effort it took to get O’Bama elected is the same effort and pro activeness needed to make informed decisions. A strong country is not a given. The president needs our help. We can’t afford to allow our country’s decisions to be based on opposing views that have everything to do with the president’s race and nothing to do with details and facts. If you are read a post and see comments that are aimed toward a personal opinion of the president’s race, then comment back. Don’t turn your head and hope no one else pays the ignorant words any mind. If you come across a new article that details real talk (like this one for example, I hope) pass it on to your inner circle. Encourage anyone and everyone with a voice to use it to battle this type of immature and counter productive behavior. Showing up at the town hall meeting with your own gun in hopes of ‘fighting fire with fire’ might be best left in the hands of trained security (FOI and Farrakahn, where are you?). I wonder where all those campaign blacks went? Where are the voices of Black money at? Ask Russell Simmons (twitter.com/UNcleRush)how he feels about the health care debates? How does Diddy(twitter.com/IAmdiddy) feel about folks coming to town hall meeting with guns? Ask the Revered Al Sharpton (twitter.com/theRevAl), Roland Martin (twitter.com/rolandsmartin), Michelle Malkin (twitter.com/MichelleMAlkin), Hill Harper (twitter.com/Hillharper), Steve Harvey (twitter.com/Mrsteveharvey), Soledad O’Brien (twitter.com/soledad_OBrien)..ask….well, you get the idea.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have an appointment at the gun range, one never knows when you might have to disable a predator, ya know?












Until next time America,


Young M. Clayton



  1. Always beautifully written! You know I’m not one to keep my mouth shut so I find myself constantly in a debate. I do see alot of people that are complacent with the way things are and forget that the reason we elected President Obama in the first place was to bring about change! To them I say there is a reason why those who have made a difference have eternal flames at their resting sites…to remind us that the fire never goes out. The passion should never die and you must never rest on your laurels. That’s all the queen had to say! 🙂

    • Thank you Queen, it is important for us to remember that the whole world is watching us, waiting to see if we are going to stand up as a country and continue to work twards change, or just fall back and let (no disrespect) *white america* continue to use scare tactics to thwart any attempt at us changing the overall racist culture which makes up america!!!

  2. Definitely thought provoking…some people really don’t see what’s going on. U gotta keep taking the cover off…exposure is the key. Keep it up!


  3. I am happy that these thoughts are going through your mind. I am even happier that you are not accepting the black president as an answer to every problem we have. Thanks for keeping this issue on front street. We all need to know that everyone has to do their part to help the country & economy get back on its feet. We also need to make these organizations that claim they are for the advancement and equality of black people stop doing the same of chucking and jiving they have been doing for years. They must stop chasing these stories where they say oh its becuase hes black and singing & congregating in front of the media. They must choose to fight the new fight. This no longer the days of segregation and Jim Crow, these are the days where the war is fought with lack of access to higher education, credit, financial education, & most importantly health care. These organizations need to step up to the plate or cease to exist. Thanks for this post.

  4. Tthis is a truly interesting article!!! I agree that we as a people need to come together and stay together not jst for one reason bt for all reasons!

  5. […] United We Stand… Divided We Fall!!! « I’m Just Saying youngmclayton.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/united-we-stand-devided-we-fall – view page – cached #I’m Just Saying RSS Feed I'm Just Saying » United We Stand… Divided We Fall!!! Comments Feed I'm Just Saying Hello world! New Leak *Jay-Z Reminder* Prod by Timbaland!!!! — From the page […]

  6. LOVE YOU for keeping it real and focusing on the reality of the situation. United We stand, Divided we fall. Prophetic words to live by. The focus needs to be right where you put it; on the issues at hand.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, for those that missed it the last time (snoozevillers), Leadership is earned, it is not a color right. Thank you for being black, and showing your leadership muscle, by leading us right back to the issue. That is the true mark of a leader. They are unafraid to say what must be said despite what may be said once they are done talking. Lead on my brother, Lead on! 🙂

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