Rappers, R&B Singers, Pedophile’s & the fans who love them!!!! (yeah you)

It’s been so much going on lately that I can’t even keep up. You might have noticed I been missing from my virtual hang out spots. Nah, I been around, but hadn’t been saying much. Sometimes I just prefer to watch…the Tweetstream (get your mind out the gutter). There are so many conversations going on at one time, it’s really an amazing place. I urge you to get up on Twitter if you haven’t already and be sure to peep me (Young M. Clayton) and my partner in crime (@tracyreneejones) when you get a chance. She’s working on a memoir book and you won’t want to miss the ANYTHING she has to say. Usually everyone is randomly tweeting but she stopped me in my tracks when I saw this:

  • (Tracy) Yall muthafukas listen closely to this one…Im digging in the bag..
  • (Tracy) I was 12 years old, on my way home from the neighborhood. was getting dark out. My Dad’s friend pulls up and offers me a ride. Almost got in
  • (Tracy) but something stopped me. I wanted to walk home and see my friends around the way. I promised that I would go straight home. Only 3 blocks.
  • (Tracy) He asked if I remembered him, of course, he came on the holidays and used to visit with my Dad, I would sit on his lap. He taught me to draw
  • (Tracy) When I hesitated from getting in his van, he asked if I was hungary. I said no, wondered why he would ask that.
  • (Tracy) Then he asked if he could take me somewhere to get something to eat. I wasn’t hungary and said no. seemed odd.
  • (Tracy) He then said we could get something to eat and hang out. He said we could go for a ride. Asked if I suc’d dick…he said “I’ll pay you!
  • (Tracy) I blinked at him cuz I didn’t understand the question, didn’t know what ‘suc’d dik’ was…I just felt funny that he asked me that
  • (Tracy) Then when it finally struck me what he asked, I turned red with embarrassment, then rage…I dug deep….and spit dead in his face n ran
  • (Tracy) Had nightmares, felt disgusting, always talk of someone doing something to me, even from my Dad’s best bud.
  • (Tracy) I never told my father b/c he would have killed that man and been in jail. I held that to myself. So, no…what is there to teach.
  • @**** but yet we debate R. Kelly REALLY being a bad guy..when some1 just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)
  • (Tracy) We can control and we can also be stringent when these things happen. All these young girls getting killed lately. Oh, well?!
  • @******* U are a woman, u already know…people claim your body, comments, touches, abuses, who do u run from? it’s everywhere!
  • RT @*******: @TracyReneeJones gd questions, b/c it’s not ‘stranger danger’.. most of the times, it’s sum1 well-known 2 the family
  • (Tracy) How does one avoid those that eat at their tables? How do u avoid your own family. U want to feel like it’s something u can control
  • (Tracy) And who do u tell young girls to fear? The uncle? The step Dad? The pastor? The older cousins? The babysitters older child? Who? How?

Did you see what she said right there? “we debate R.Kelly REALLY being a bad guy ..when someone  just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)”

R. Kelly’s new album has just been released. With all of the recent violence against children lately it makes me cringe to see the amount of promotion by fans and industry people of this pedophile. Maybe you didn’t see the video ( I did and it still bothers me) and until you do I urge you to not blindly jump to this man’s defense. I think it was clear to ANYONE that watched that video that Mr. Kelly has a bad habit….he likes young girls. What’s worse is that although people talked about it. NO ONE got angry about it. Quiet as it’s kept, that rumor is nothing new about your favorite R&B crooner. We can’t at one point care about Shaniya Davis and then disregard another child who is being abused by an adult. How do you determine the value of a child’s life?

The more interesting thing here was that people were defending R.Kelly’s actions instead blaming the little girl for being ‘fast’. I want you to ask yourself how does a little girl become ‘fast’? Does she naturally decide she wants to have sex and then finds a GROWN ASS MAN to give her body too? Explain that to me. Exploited sexual behavior by young girls is taught…ask yourself by whom and get back to me. When teens decide to start experimenting with ANYTHING (drugs, sex, alcohol) it’s almost always with their peers. Who goes to find an adult to sneak off with and do things you aren’t supposed to? Well, you can always ask Robert, he’s on Twitter (@KellZodiac)..tell him Young M Clayton sent you.

Tracy raised some very good points in her debate. You can’t assume it’s going to be a stranger. You can’t assume your child is too young to be able to communicate their privacy. YOU DAMN SURE CAN’T SHIFT THE BLAME TO THE CHILD!! We are losing our young people because we have become complacent. If it doesn’t involve instant gratification or negativity then we don’t care about it. If I ask you to take that extra step, involve yourself a little more, or do something uncomfortable some of you would fight me tooth and nail. You as a parent need to be more considerate of the people your child spends time with. Molestation does damage that takes years to be repaired often to parts of a person that you or I can’t see. What’s even worse than this is that it seems Kell’s has a companion in the music business. You may or may not have known this but Pleasure P has also been accused of child molestation. If you want to know more about this story you can check it out on Nicole Bitchie’s website. At first I thought it was just a rumor but now I am not too sure. My initial reaction is a prime example of how we as adults don’t want to believe shit stinks. We can be so quick to turn a blind eye and deny things that we don’t want to deal with. Because as you know, ignoring a problem doesn’t mean it goes away. Yo check Nicole’s blog and come back and tell me what’s really good.

Pleasure P & unkown minor courtesy of Nicolebitchie.com

(Pleasure P & unknown minor courtesy of  Nicolebitchie.com)

And to all the men out there that think it’s okay to touch a young girl or to have sex with a minor just make sure you don’t let me hear about it. If you stare and lust at those teenage girls your no better off. If you really want a female, how about you do some work on you so that you can play with grown up girls who do grown up things. Any man who will abuse a minor for sexual gratification is not worth breathing; especially one that uses his celebrity, influence and wealth as protection (I see you Roman Polanski) . If you turn a blind eye to anyone abusing minors than you are no better than they are. I sleep well at night…Do you!?

On that note like my home girl @Ms_AJC would say, “That is all”

Until next time America


Young M. Clayton



  1. I just had the longest converstation ever on twitter about why Rkelly should be responsible for his actions and how we cant blame the children whether they were 17 15 14 16 they were still children. I had one ryder for Rkelly and it was a man with a daughter I cant understand how he still thinks it was half the girls fault because she willing did this. I just I dont get it. I never will. I can never blame a children when a predator attacks them. I just dont know about the world any more because what I thought I knew appears never to be the case anymore.

  2. Good info here sir. Thanx for the link. I already follow you both on twitter. people need to recognize that ignoring abuse is just as bad as doing it.

    • Thanks allot I appreciate, I’m just doing my part to keep people informed!!!!!

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  7. Great info, man. Although I have NEVER been in an uncomfortable situation with an adult while growing up, I’ve heard COUNTLESS stories of molestation from MEN and WOMEN I’ve known through the years. Now that I’m a parent, it takes constant prayer to make sure my children are safe. Pedos need help and I pray I don’t have to be the one to give it to them should they cross the line with any child that I’m around.

  8. This was a good post. I’m not in the scene too much anymore so I just found out 2 days ago that R. Kelly has a new album out c/o TVOne. Pleasure P, that’s a shame in itself and the world is so desensitized to evil that it no longer makes people uncomfortable. I’m glad you touched on this subject. Good post.

  9. Nice post, good looking weblog, added it to my favorites!

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