You’re a Fake Baby!!!!!!

What’s good America?  I’m back to expose yet another fraud, snake charmer, charlatan someone who I allowed to get close to my circle and hurt people who I care about.

Who? You ask!

El Hafiz!! Is who!

Yeah my good friend Mr. #Tricky Hip (wait on this…..tune in…you’re not gonna wanna miss it!).

Design my homie @lordlike created for El Hafiz

Those of you who follow my blog or the #soapboxchronicles may have noticed that El Hafiz has been missing from the show for a few weeks.

To tell you the truth; he wasn’t bringing the type of energy that Tracy Renee Jones & myself needed to make a successful three-man show.  So I decided to cut my losses and let El Hafiz go a whole 3 weeks before this fuckery began.

No, I am not a Mrs. Cleo psychic extraordinaire; something about him just wasn’t quite RIGHT. But me being who I am, I offered to embrace ya boy and open up some opportunities for him through the show and networking with my #theillpen tribe.

El Hafiz has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Without getting into the whole story here (tune into this weeks edition of the Soapbox Chronicles for exclusive interviews with the key players) it seems that El Hafiz wasn’t forthright with his background.

But wait there’s more. (Snicker)

It’s funny how he used to always call me Mike Lowery (Will Smith’s character from Bad Boys I, II) and I feel like an ass for vouching for him (sorry America) but I was fooled too. His fuckery has caused stress to good friend of mine @thekiaXperience. You can checkout her video blog here as she tells the whole story of how her name was caught up in this mess.

I am in the business of promoting goodness and black power trips to the top. I smoke my bud, say my prayers, and eat my vitamins. I have to quell the,“That’s your boy“ (#tracyreneejones) comments. He never did anything wrong to me but he involved my people so me being “The voice of the people” I had to speak out and let my people know what is what.

So let me be clear

We here at the Soapbox Chronicles do not condone or agree with El Hafiz’s actions or comments. We don’t play those games on this side of town, and nor do we engage in this type of fuckery. We want to assure our fans that we will continue to bring you the real and the raw. With no additives and preservatives; please forgive us for breaking away from this week’s Slave Trade series. Instead, we’re gonna take this time to address why some black people want to shine but refuse to do the work necessary to bring their own authentic light.

But I digress,

That’s all for now America.

Young M. Clayton


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