My top 5 Memories Involving B.I.G

My top 5 Memories Involving B.I.G

There are so many memories that I have involving the Notorious B.I.G, but there are several moments that really stand out in my mind. I think that it’s only fitting that on the day that we lost one of the greatest rappers of our time. I take time to reflect and share with you guys my fondest B.I.G memories.

1. The day I first heard B.I.G Smalls

I was a senior in high school and it was a crazy year. I remember being in my homie Baby J’s crib (Baby J at that time was one of the best DJ’s in queens.) and he put on this song  “Party & Bullshit” and I was like  “ Yo who is that dude” and he replied “The Notorious B.I.G” I was like dude was nice and I never paid him any mind. Later on that summer I started my freshman year in college (Keystone) where I met so many people. One of them being my friend  & teammate “Money” who was from Tennessee. During one of our brakes (winter recess we drove from PA to TN) during the drive we listened to the Notorious B.I.G first album. That album was so classic; with songs like Juicy, Suicidal Thoughts, and The What. I knew Biggie was going to be a problem and that Bad Boy was on the rise.

2. My favorite Bigge Songs

This is a tough one there are so many joints that I can say are my favorite but a couple stand out. Here are my favorites and why:

“Flava in your Ear Remix”

“Niggas is mad I get more buts than ashtrays.. Fuck the fair one I get mines the fast way, ski mask way, nigga ransom notes.. Far from handsome but damn a nigga totes”

If that line doesn’t get you hyped I don’t know what will. This song is important to me because at the time my good friend Irv Gotti (head of Murder Inc) was in the video with Mic Geronimo and I was so hyped to see them on TV. Plus the video for this song was so dope, the visuals was crazy. Plus having Busta, LL Cool J and Rampage in the video was an added bonus


“Biggie, Biggie can’t you see… sometimes your words just hypnotize me And I just love your flashy ways. This is why their broke and your so paid”

Wow! Just the thought of this song makes me want to get up and put on some Versace glasses and a silk shirt. Lol and that’s exactly why I love this song. I was a JR. at Lincoln University when this song came out (ironically it was the last video Biggie ever did before he died) this fashion club called Ziana (S/O to Ronnie with her fine ass) had this auction/slash talent show. My friend Naheim and I (from Philly) decided to be in the show (for us to make our stock rise on campus) so we copped so Versace shades and I borrowed a silk Versace shirt from one of my friends from home and we entered the contest. Now on campus I was known for two things: 1) my Locks 2) for being stylish We thought about it and said it was only fitting that we come out to “Hypnotize” because at that time “Hypnotize” was a banger at LU parties. So we figured that if we come out to this song the crowd would be hype. We sure were right! I came out Versace out with a cane and my jewels on. Naheim came out fresh as well and the girls went crazy. I hate to use the word Swag but our “Swag” was on like a hundred million. Lol we came in second place but I got a lot of buns because of that performance. Thanks Biggie

3. Meeting B.I.G

I was fortunate in my life to actually get a chance to meet B.I.G in person. It was the summer of 1995 and I was playing in several summer basketball tourneys that year. We had a game in Brooklyn in Bed-stuy “Kenny Kings” tourney and we was playing the house team. We has the underdogs of course because we we’re from queens.  We were playing against Jamal Tinsley and several other Brooklyn legends and it was a close game. I wound up having 20 that game and like 8 assist. The park was packed and amongst the crowd was Biggie & JR Mafia. We wound up losing but it was a great game. Afterwards we had a chance to meet Biggie and the rest of Jr. Mafia and I was in awe of how cool Biggie was. Biggie was like “You know we couldn’t let you Queens cat’s get out of here with a win” we all started laughing, we then took pictures and that was a memory that I will never forget.

4. “One More Chance Remix”

“Isn’t this great my flight leaves at 8…. Your flight lands at 9 my game just rewinds.. Lyrically I’m supposed to represent I’m not only a client I’m the playa president” This video/song holds some serious meaning to me.  I remember when this song first came out. I wanted to be like “Puff Daddy” back then he was the gold standard for freshness. “I stay Coogi down to the socks.. Rings and watch filled with rocks” So when “One More Chance” came out and biggie had all of your favorite R&B singers and celebs in the video I nearly lost it. Plus Biggie’s wordplay in this song was legendary. Punch lines and metaphors are infused with images of the official playa lifestyle. At that time that was everything I wanted to be…  Not to mention when this song came on in the club, everyone would sing “onnnnnneeeee more chance, Biggie give me one more chance”

5. March 9th 1997

This was a day that I would never forget. I remember I was walking from the cafeteria back to my dorm (Lincoln University) when somebody came up to me and said “Yo Live (ant-live was my nickname in college) did you hear the news?” and I was like “nah what happened? “Biggie died son” I was like “Gtfoh no way” So I ran upstairs to my room where my roommates at the time had on BET and they were talking about the events that lead to his death. I remember sitting on my bed in shock. It felt as if I lost my best friend. Looking back on that time I can say up until that point I had never felt such a connection with a celebrity. Only recently when Michael Jackson passed did I feel such a great sense of loss. I remember saying to myself “Damn he was finally happy he just dropped “Life After Death” (how ironic was that title) he was about to be on top of the world. Damn. I was sad for like a week, and all you could here blasting out of various dorm windows was Biggies new album. I remember when they announced the funeral services me and a couple of my friends drove back home so we can see Biggie get paraded through the streets that he called home. I felt like a legend was taken away from us. The song missing you sums up exactly how everyone who loved Biggie, felt about Biggie. I still get chills to this day when I think about it.

Biggie we miss you.

You were the Greatest!!!


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