I do… but what if I don’t!!!!!!!

I do…but what if I don’t?

Lately there has been a lot of press on celebrities and their various forms of infidelity. It’s enough to make your head spin (like that chick from the exorcist).  I mean, damn,  it’s hard enough trying to find the right mate, and it seems it’s even harder to stay in healthy relationship. So over the weekend as I sat back snowed in, and flipping thru the various channels covering Tiger Woods, and Chris Henry’s alleged domestic incident which led to his shocking death.

Then IT hit me; I started thinking about various relationships and one type of relationship stood out. I thought about how many good men stay in un-healthy relationships because there are children involved.

So you know me, I poured a glass of privilege(Top Shelf Hennessey for the slow) on the rocks and rolled up some good good..it helps one properly meditate (thanks Buddah!). Now normally I don’t share a lot of my personal life but this topic hits close to home because up until a few years ago that was me. Now I know you may say—– Young M. Clayton, you went thru this?  Ah, yeah!

After all I am human, and contrary to what some may think..men do have feelings. But lucky I caught myself before things got bad between my son’s mother & I. I must say that I am fortunate to have a decent & cordial relationship with my son’s mother. But the sad reality is that a good percentage of breakups that involve children don’t workout. If you don’t believe me just take a trip to your local family court and then holla at me.

I realized that most men don’t know that it’s ok to say, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore”. Some men don’t realize that it’s possible to co-parent without being together. Fellas it’s ok, trust me I would never steer you wrong. See I’m a firm believer that you are truly a product of your household, and the various types of relationship you were exposed to as a child will ultimately determine what type of relationships you have as an adult. You may have grown up in a single parent home and had to take on a fatherly role to younger siblings while you were still a child yourself. Then when you got older and entered into a relationship and it didn’t workout there are some men that would feel a sense of obligation to hang in a bad relationship because they have been taught that they should put the needs of the family before their own.

There reasons may be

a) they grew up with out a father and the they don’t want their child to experience the same. They may feel this is their ‘family’ and do or die, they will keep their ‘family’ together, because they know what it’s like when the ‘family’ is broken or
b) They feel like they have to be the main provider and shoulder the responsibility of taking care of everything themselves.(This comes from their experience as a child having to be the provider and father at an early age)
I understand this but at the end of the day you’ll wind up hurting your child more than helping. It is never healthy to stay in relationship where there is verbal, and /or physical abuse (and I’m not just talking about men being violent to woman, I’m talking about woman being abusive towards men).
There are men who go thru physical abuse and are afraid to say something because of the backlash they may receive from their friends, family and other people (Snitching?!) It’s sad but true.
Or c) some men have low self-esteem and they feel like the female they have kids with is the best that they are going to get, and they have no choice but to stay around. If this is you, man up and say enough is enough. Get a backbone, and say, “Peace, I’m out. I can’t & won’t take it anymore.

All you are required to do is take care of the needs of your child(ren). Because if a woman knows she can walk over you, then it’s a wrap. She will continue to control & manipulate you to the point to you feel like jumping of a cliff (or jumping on her azz). And it’s sad to say that it’s you fault because you let her do it. You let it get here. The min you saw her acting like that you should have nipped it in the bud. And why oh why do some of you choose to marry (paperwork?!) the woman you are involved with when you know good and well if you could turn back the hands of time….you would! Gladly!!

But I’m not here to bash you.I’m here to lend you a helping hand. Fellas it’s ok to say, “I do love you, but I don’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore”. It can be hard (because who likes to hurt another person’s feelings?) but it can be done. Trust me your child(ren) will thank you for it later. Leaving a stagnant relationship does not make you less of man. As a matter of fact it makes you a bigger man because it takes an honorable man to say “look it’s not working with us, so for the sake of our child(ren) let’s take a break from us and focus on raising our kids(s)” but we all know that is not the norm.

(Takes a deep pull and puts out spilff, takes another sip of privilege)

Now you may not agree with what I say but I am speaking from experience. It can be done. As a Black man, I feel like we are often labeled as ‘no-good’ and ‘deadbeat’ for not delivering the entire relationship package (marriage, kids and happiness) that is encouraged by (mostly) the women around us. I know full and well what is expected from me (yes, Mom). Luckily, I also have a Dad around who pulled my coattails to what’s really good when it comes to commitment and creating a family. Black men may not realized  that we do have choices, and you don’t have to let your ego or ‘Male Pride” have you stuck in a never-ending situation like Sisyphus. (Told you my third eye was open) don’t feel to ashamed talk to someone. If you have “good” friends then they won’t judge you, they will give you advice from the outside looking in. They could provide you with helpful insight, which can help you out of your situation. Because after all the definition of Insanity: is doing the same thing over & over, thinking each time you repeat it you are going to get a different result. And you are sticking around in an unhealthy relationship for the sake of your kids is INSANE. If the person you have to wake up to each day is causing you misery, stress and depression (that’s what all that Henny and purple haze is about. You call it ‘relaxing’, I call it ‘self medicating’)..then maybe it’s time to save yourself so that you CAN be that great father you’re trying to hard to be.


I am the Baby’s Father !!!!!!!!!

So I was surfing the web the other day and I came across this post by  @blogzilla called Women Who Won’t Date Men With Kids Are The Scum Of The Earth and I read some things that were quiet disturbing. The mere fact some women won’t date a man who has a child is (in mike Tyson voice) “ludicrous”. What part of the game is that? I know there are some dead beat dads out there and if you are reading this and you are one, step your game up! But if you are a good father and you are looking to find that special someone, don’t worry! Hold your head high. There are some great women out there that will accept the fact that you have a child(ren). Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say that a woman who won’t date men with kids are the “scum of the earth”. (C’mon, son…that attitude might be a reason WHY you’re having a problem coming across as a ‘good guy’.)  I think that it’s all in the attitude and the approach you take.

Ladies listen up! I know you are tired of the lames and deadbeats out there, but there are plenty of men that are responsible parents. The fact that a woman says she won’t date a man with a child because of BM drama is a cop-out and an excuse. How are you going to pre-judge a man who has a child and say right off the bat that you won’t engage in a relationship with him? Hello ladies if you do find a man who treats his child or children right, you should take notice of that. You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his family & his kids.(I will give a pass to those guys who chose WRONG and got dat type of BM whose ultimate goal in life is to make him (his family and the court system) miserable…I won’t blame a woman for not getting involved in a homicide situation waiting to happen)

I want women to see how much we love our children and appreciate the fact that we handle our biz when it comes to their care. I would find it strange if she has been dealing with a low-life BD of her own. Only an immature female would assume a man is still fucking his Baby Mother. What type of shit is that? (Unless you still are! Sometimes a woman’s suspicion is justified. Fall back, son. Either you’re with your BM or you’re not. “Shit or get off the toilet”, is what my Father used to tell me about breaking up)

Me & my son’s mother (see what I said son’s mother not baby mama) are not together AND I’m not sleeping with her. We have a decent relationship and we co-parent because that’s our job above and beyond all else. All of these shows like Maury have totally warped peoples perception of what a good man or father is.  What decent woman wouldn’t want a man that takes care of their responsibilities?  There are plenty of woman who want that. Go to your local family court and you’ll see tons of woman who want a decent man to take care of their child/children.

Ladies wonder why they can’t find a good man, it’s because most women have known clue what a good man is? This hurts me, I mean it really does. I am single but I am dating and I have no problem with letting my potential mate know that I have a child. I’m proud of the fact that I have a beautiful son, and he is a good kid. Why? Because I’m there and make sure that he knows that Daddy always has his best interest at heart.

If the shoe was on the other foot….How would you feel if you met a dude and you feeling him and you tell him that you have a child/children and he turns and runs for the hills? You wouldn’t like it would you. Black men have so many barriers in life that prevent them from being productive citizens, and this issues only adds to the list of things that Black men have to deal with. I thought your woman was supposed to help, love, nurture, and hold down her man. So how is this holding us down? I hate to say this (my beautiful Black & Latin woman I love ya’ll) but you  got to wonder why Tiger Woods deals with white woman? It may be because when shit gets tough they ride it out.  I know a couple of interracial couples that have kids and where the male is black and had a kid from a previous relationship and THEY have a healthy loving combined family.

I see a problem if we can’t learn to do the same. We need to put our families back together not continue to pick each other apart. It takes a village to raise a child, are you willing to be a tribe member or not?

Until Next Time,

P.S To all of my fans that have follow me here, Twitter, and have graced my page with your great feedback & comments. I want to take the time to thank you, and wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Safe & Prosperous New Year!!!

I have some great things in store for 2010, and I’m glad you are along for the ride....


Young M. Clayton

Rappers, R&B Singers, Pedophile’s & the fans who love them!!!! (yeah you)

It’s been so much going on lately that I can’t even keep up. You might have noticed I been missing from my virtual hang out spots. Nah, I been around, but hadn’t been saying much. Sometimes I just prefer to watch…the Tweetstream (get your mind out the gutter). There are so many conversations going on at one time, it’s really an amazing place. I urge you to get up on Twitter if you haven’t already and be sure to peep me (Young M. Clayton) and my partner in crime (@tracyreneejones) when you get a chance. She’s working on a memoir book and you won’t want to miss the ANYTHING she has to say. Usually everyone is randomly tweeting but she stopped me in my tracks when I saw this:

  • (Tracy) Yall muthafukas listen closely to this one…Im digging in the bag..
  • (Tracy) I was 12 years old, on my way home from the neighborhood. was getting dark out. My Dad’s friend pulls up and offers me a ride. Almost got in
  • (Tracy) but something stopped me. I wanted to walk home and see my friends around the way. I promised that I would go straight home. Only 3 blocks.
  • (Tracy) He asked if I remembered him, of course, he came on the holidays and used to visit with my Dad, I would sit on his lap. He taught me to draw
  • (Tracy) When I hesitated from getting in his van, he asked if I was hungary. I said no, wondered why he would ask that.
  • (Tracy) Then he asked if he could take me somewhere to get something to eat. I wasn’t hungary and said no. seemed odd.
  • (Tracy) He then said we could get something to eat and hang out. He said we could go for a ride. Asked if I suc’d dick…he said “I’ll pay you!
  • (Tracy) I blinked at him cuz I didn’t understand the question, didn’t know what ‘suc’d dik’ was…I just felt funny that he asked me that
  • (Tracy) Then when it finally struck me what he asked, I turned red with embarrassment, then rage…I dug deep….and spit dead in his face n ran
  • (Tracy) Had nightmares, felt disgusting, always talk of someone doing something to me, even from my Dad’s best bud.
  • (Tracy) I never told my father b/c he would have killed that man and been in jail. I held that to myself. So, no…what is there to teach.
  • @**** but yet we debate R. Kelly REALLY being a bad guy..when some1 just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)
  • (Tracy) We can control and we can also be stringent when these things happen. All these young girls getting killed lately. Oh, well?!
  • @******* U are a woman, u already know…people claim your body, comments, touches, abuses, who do u run from? it’s everywhere!
  • RT @*******: @TracyReneeJones gd questions, b/c it’s not ‘stranger danger’.. most of the times, it’s sum1 well-known 2 the family
  • (Tracy) How does one avoid those that eat at their tables? How do u avoid your own family. U want to feel like it’s something u can control
  • (Tracy) And who do u tell young girls to fear? The uncle? The step Dad? The pastor? The older cousins? The babysitters older child? Who? How?

Did you see what she said right there? “we debate R.Kelly REALLY being a bad guy ..when someone  just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)”

R. Kelly’s new album has just been released. With all of the recent violence against children lately it makes me cringe to see the amount of promotion by fans and industry people of this pedophile. Maybe you didn’t see the video ( I did and it still bothers me) and until you do I urge you to not blindly jump to this man’s defense. I think it was clear to ANYONE that watched that video that Mr. Kelly has a bad habit….he likes young girls. What’s worse is that although people talked about it. NO ONE got angry about it. Quiet as it’s kept, that rumor is nothing new about your favorite R&B crooner. We can’t at one point care about Shaniya Davis and then disregard another child who is being abused by an adult. How do you determine the value of a child’s life?

The more interesting thing here was that people were defending R.Kelly’s actions instead blaming the little girl for being ‘fast’. I want you to ask yourself how does a little girl become ‘fast’? Does she naturally decide she wants to have sex and then finds a GROWN ASS MAN to give her body too? Explain that to me. Exploited sexual behavior by young girls is taught…ask yourself by whom and get back to me. When teens decide to start experimenting with ANYTHING (drugs, sex, alcohol) it’s almost always with their peers. Who goes to find an adult to sneak off with and do things you aren’t supposed to? Well, you can always ask Robert, he’s on Twitter (@KellZodiac)..tell him Young M Clayton sent you.

Tracy raised some very good points in her debate. You can’t assume it’s going to be a stranger. You can’t assume your child is too young to be able to communicate their privacy. YOU DAMN SURE CAN’T SHIFT THE BLAME TO THE CHILD!! We are losing our young people because we have become complacent. If it doesn’t involve instant gratification or negativity then we don’t care about it. If I ask you to take that extra step, involve yourself a little more, or do something uncomfortable some of you would fight me tooth and nail. You as a parent need to be more considerate of the people your child spends time with. Molestation does damage that takes years to be repaired often to parts of a person that you or I can’t see. What’s even worse than this is that it seems Kell’s has a companion in the music business. You may or may not have known this but Pleasure P has also been accused of child molestation. If you want to know more about this story you can check it out on Nicole Bitchie’s website. At first I thought it was just a rumor but now I am not too sure. My initial reaction is a prime example of how we as adults don’t want to believe shit stinks. We can be so quick to turn a blind eye and deny things that we don’t want to deal with. Because as you know, ignoring a problem doesn’t mean it goes away. Yo check Nicole’s blog and come back and tell me what’s really good.

Pleasure P & unkown minor courtesy of Nicolebitchie.com

(Pleasure P & unknown minor courtesy of  Nicolebitchie.com)

And to all the men out there that think it’s okay to touch a young girl or to have sex with a minor just make sure you don’t let me hear about it. If you stare and lust at those teenage girls your no better off. If you really want a female, how about you do some work on you so that you can play with grown up girls who do grown up things. Any man who will abuse a minor for sexual gratification is not worth breathing; especially one that uses his celebrity, influence and wealth as protection (I see you Roman Polanski) . If you turn a blind eye to anyone abusing minors than you are no better than they are. I sleep well at night…Do you!?

On that note like my home girl @Ms_AJC would say, “That is all”

Until next time America


Young M. Clayton

Sleeper Cell

“Clayton, you are sooo crazy!”

No, I’m actually quite sane and this is just a phrase that’s worked its way into everyday conversation. I don’t feel no type of way by having someone call me crazy…because it’s only a joke or rather the stigma of mental illness is a joke. Far too many people take this topic lightly and I believe it’s time for us to stop that. What happens when people don’t get the help that they need? What happens when a cry out for help goes unanswered?

Get your notebooks out for this one…

John Allen Muhammad

How many people out there know that John Allen Muhammad (the DC Sniper) attorney’s submitted an appeal  to the U.S. Supreme Court (prior to his execution) stating that he had extensive medical issues?  What’s even worse is that jurors were never allowed to hear Muhammad had brain damage, brain dysfunction and neurological deficits, as well as psychotic and delusional behavior before he was convicted. I wonder why this was kept a secret? I would have wanted to know that about him BEFORE his death. Who knew about that BEFORE his killing spree? Further evidence submitted to the courts included MRI brain scans, which confirmed Muhammad had three congenital malformations of the brain, two of which are found with greater frequency in people with schizophrenia.

Muhammad was not the only serial killer with these type of mental issues. You can also add Bobby Joe Long, David Berkowitz, Kenneth Bianchi, John Gacy, and serial killer Carl Panzram, who even realized that his behavior was unique and singular compared to the behavior of his immediate law-abiding, normal family members. Does this mean that the ‘crazy’ people even realized they were crazy?

While researching this article I found out that after the brains of 70 notorious serial killers were examined, it showed that all 70 had some frontal lobe damage which would have been caused as children.  Now to understand why this is important you need to understand what this part of the brain is responsible for. The frontal lobe located in the most anterior part of the brains hemispheres, and has been concluded by scientists to act as your conscience.  It’s essential functions are Self-control, planning, judgment, the balance of individual verses social needs, and many other essential functions underlying effective social intercourse are mediated by the frontal structures of the brain. Just think of it as the part of your brain that makes you ‘play nice with others’, it’s the part of our brain that allows us to be conditioned to live withing our society.

Let me break it down further for you...(pull out notebooks now)


The hypothalamus regulates the hormonal system and emotions. The “higher” brain has limited control over the hypothalamus. Because of the physical closeness of sexual and aggressive centers within the hypothalamus, sexual instinct and violence become connected for lust murderers. The hypothalamus may be damaged through malnutrition or injury.

limbric brain

The limbic brain is the part of the brain associated with emotion and motivation. When the limbic brain is damaged, the individual loses control over primary emotions such as fear and rage. The predatory gaze of the psychopath, according to Meloy, lacks emotions, and is as cold as a reptile’s blank stare. Reptiles are missing the limbic part of their brain, where memories, emotions, socializing, and parental instincts reside. In other words, serial killers are aptly described as “cold-blooded,” just like a reptile. 

temporal lobe

The temporal lobe is highly susceptible to injury, located where the skull bone is thinnest. Blunt injuries, including falling on a hard surface, can easily damage this section of the brain, creating lesions, which cause forms of amnesia and epileptic seizures. Damage to the temporal lobe can result in hair-trigger violent reactions and increased aggressive responses. As a child, Ken Bianchi fell off of a jungle gym, and landed on the back of his head. He soon began to have epileptic seizures.

Head injuries are not uncommon, especially when dealing with an adolescent. How many times have you observed children at play and noticed the one that likes to climb (and eventually bust their azz). I can readily recall a few instances where I was running about my little boy life looking for adventure and cracked my skull in play or by pure accident. I’m not a killer (<==disclaimer==>) or am I?

I got a friend, you got a friend, we all have a friend that USED to act fine…until that spill off that motorcycle or that accident at work. Hell, I even know a dude that was hit hard during football and turned into a different person once those bandages came off. It’s almost like he died that day on the field because I have NO IDEA who the guy  was that took over his body and behavior. I couldn’t get to know him either since his erratic violent temper and lack of effort caused him to be kicked out of school not too far after his return from recovering from his injury. Strange ending for a guy who was previously one of the nicest, most normal, easy-going dudes you could meet, on the honor society and Dean’s list.

You won’t know if a person is capable of random acts of violence until they do them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people slipping through the cracks. Don’t let the media distract you on this one by having you believe these murderers (and the hundreds of thousands that now sit on death row in thousands of prisons across the country) are calculating, evil wrong doers that took innocent lives.

As with anything else, there is (almost) always an underlying reason for people’s ill behavior. The news will tell you to keep an eye out for terrorist activity. I’m telling you to keep an eye out for those around you that are suffering in the kind of pain that you or I can’t see. I’m asking you to put on your 3rd eye shades and identify those in your personal life that may be in need of an ear. Do you know someone suffering a mental illness? Do you ridicule them or do you pay attention and try to empathize with what they are feeling? Do you know of any mental health resources that you could pass along on Twitter? Even a kind word of encouragement to get help a fellow human get by might mean the world to a person. It would mean even more to the lives that could be saved if and when that dormant ‘sleeper’ cells wakes up. And speaking of saving a life, I also wonder at what point does a criminal lose their “human rights”. I say America is not as ‘civilized’ as you may think. Check out part two of this post over at http://tracyreneejones.com/, she’s holding court in her crib right now. If we rush, we’ll get there right in time. Are you with me?

Venus vs. Mars

  Venus vs. Mars
venus vs mars 

 I know some of you must think that I stay in a perpetual angry mode. (I DO!) But I don’t. As a matter of fact, me and @tracyreneejones were trading who we thought were hot Twitter users when we got into the debate over whose list was hotter. (Mine!) I have some fabulous females that I follow; she says she has some great guys that she follows. Without a doubt I know I got me some dime pieces because I fucks with nothing less. So for the very first time in history, I present to you a double post; part two of which can be found at www.tracyreneejones.com.  Don’t feel tight if your name doesn’t appear here because this is only the beginning. I love the ladies, especially these women here: 

tracy 3








@Tracyreneejones: (Tracey Renee Jones) Escapee from Jersey City, now living among ‘the good law-abiding white folks’ NJ– what can I say about Ms. Tracy Renee Jones, straight from “Chill Town” AKA Jersey City. Raw, brash, passionate and take no prisoners, Tracy is a Writer, Blogger, Model (she made me blush), Artist (digital and traditional mediums); Hip Hop Head (she goes in when it comes to music), Part-time Politician (B.A. In Political Science), Creative Content Consultant (her ideas are ill), Image and Branding Coach, and Ghostwriter (she swore me to secrecy). But this is only the tip of the iceberg. She is also a really good friend of mine who is willing to give a helping hand. Tracy is a bloggers dream, she host several websites including http://mebeinganonymous.blogspot.com/, http://tracyreneejones.com, and http://thekinkycourtesan.com. Oh and did I mention that she is a co-producer of my show “The Soap Box Chronicles” so if you know like I know then you better follow her and get with the program. And try to stay on her good side, I can’t be responsible when she flips out on you.


















@Danamo: (Danyel Smith)- Brooklyn, NY– this next woman’s name is synonymous with “Vibe Magazine”, one of the Best hip-Hop publications of the 90’s & beyond. Danyel Smith is straight out of Oakland, CA; this journalist and author is truly Hip-Hop in every since of the word. Young, black, and educated, she has set the bar in establishing Hip-Hop as a culture. Her presence also proves that you can be a young, black & educated woman and still be highly respected in this male driven world of journalism. Writer Danyel Smith began writing about hip-hop music for magazines and newspapers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, just as the genre was beginning to take over mainstream music. Her writing career actually followed the trajectory of hip-hop; she went from writing record and concert reviews for San Francisco-Bay Area publications to moving to New York to take editorial positions at Billboard and the New York Times. As a fellow writer/journalist I really respect and admire her work in accurately & fairly depicting the sometimes-gritty world of Hip-Hop. Both cool and informative, she loves sharing great info and she always tweets me back which is why I really respect her as a person. If you want the definition of beauty & brains follow her on twitter and see what I’m talking about 












@AerialEllis (Aerial Ellis) – Nashville via Memphis, TN. She is a award-Winning PR Pro, Humble Servant, Grateful Heart, Alpha Female, Recovering Shoe Addict, Lifelong Learner, and Game Changer. This woman is informative, down to earth, and often helps motivates me behind the scenes. An up and coming superstar in the making her publicity company, Urbane Imagery, she gives back by working with non-profits and other Nashville small businesses. In addition she has also positioned media coverage in outlets including CNN, CBS, TV One, USA Today, NY Times, Ebony, Essence, Entrepreneur, Yahoo News, Sister 2 Sister, Upscale, Nashville Lifestyles and more. If you are looking a great public speaker or an image consultant then she is the one to call. In addition, she is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. (I love me some AkA’s) Aerial is true powerhouse in the Marketing & Advertising field. She has truly been a great help and mentor to me. She is a must follow. Find out more about Aerial Ellis here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aerialellis      









@JesicaAngelique: (Jesica Angelique) Indianapolis, IN Beautiful, feisty, knowledgeable and not for the average Jaheem. Just my type of woman. Her quote says it all ” I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” — Marilyn Monroe. This woman keeps me sharp and on my toes, with her sharp tongue and even sharper mind. Jessica is a published author of two books “Raising a Black White Girl” and the “Road to Me”. She is a caring woman who always has children’s best interest at heart. She is a the champion of foster care rights, while working closely with organizations like: National CASA Association, National Foster Parent Association, and the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana. While preparing for my “Soap Box Chronicles” I frequently speak to Jessica and have excellent debates about various issues. Butting heads with Jessica, this has truly prepared me to take on the world and let my voice be heard. I thank her for that! I truly love her mind, body, and soul. And the fact that she is my #! Fan is a big plus for me (I WIN!). Fellas I wanna be stingy and keep her to myself but I gotta be real and share her with the rest of the world. You can see more of her on her site: http://jessicaangelique.blogspot.com/  

dream hampton














@Dreamhampton: Her Wiki page says that she’s a Hip Hop journalist but she is so much more. Her byline has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. Can you say the “The Source Magazine”? Always coming through as genuine and authentic; it was a blessing to have come across a writer talking about the music that I fell in love with who was a female but broke it down just as good (or better) than any dude. Her writing has appeared in The Village Voice, Spin, The Detroit News, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, Parenting and other magazines. In addition, her essays and articles have appeared in several anthologies, including Rock She Wrote, The Vibe History of Hip-Hop and And It Don’t Stop: The Best American Hip-Hop Journalism of the Last 25 Years. Film production and co-authoring the Black Book with Jay-Z only solidifies her place in my heart and mind. Hampton’s short film I Am Ali was an official entry in the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and won the Jury Award at Vanity Fair’s Newport Beach Film Festival[2]. The former New York University film student was an associate producer and interviewer for VH1’s Emmy Award-winning Behind The Music: The Notorious B.I.G.. [1] Hampton co-produced Bigger Than Life (Image Entertainment, 2007), the first feature-length documentary on Notorious B.I.G.’s life. Fellas and the best thing about her is that she so down to earth & totally approachable. So follow the leader and follow her here: http://www.twitter.com/dreamhampton    














@CandiceNicolePr (Candice Nicole) – DMV (DC, MD, VA) if you are an artist in the DMV area and you are looking for a great publicist/mover and shaker. Chances are you have crossed her path. Because she is truly the gatekeeper to music industry in the DMV area. I respect and lover her work ethic, and drive. She is always grinding and I love that about her. Whether it’s running her company Owner/Publicist, Candice Nicole PR, working as a PR Consultant, Elite DC Magazine http://www.elitedcmag.com or making R&B Live DC http://www.randblivedc.com one of the must see spots in DC Candice handles her business. Her drive has even landed her on the 60 PR Experts to Follow on Twitter list. Proven she is one of the best at her job. Get a little closer with Candice here: http://www.candicenicoleinthecity.com/   














 @Vanessaveasley – (Vanessa Veasley) Philly via LA. Fellas do me a favor close your eyes and think about the infamous “Lil Kim” poster that you had on your wall in college. You got that image in your head? Now imagine that body with a even prettier face, and most of all she is uber intelligent. Now open your eyes and let me introduce you to Vanessa Veasley. I have never seen anyone work in any industry where all they (media) care about is you having a big but, nice breast, and a smile with such intelligence and grace. She works hard at letting people know that she is an educated beauty (BA. In public Relations) and she does not let you forget that she is set on becoming the next (sexier) Oprah. You probably have seen her on several videos & magazine covers such as: Showcase and SHOW Black Lingerie magazines, Lowrider Girls SMOOTH Girl, XXL, Urban Ink, Hip-Hop Connection (a UK magazine), KING, Modified, SMOOTH and Hawaiian Tropic competitions. Videos: Kanye West “Amazing” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at4OQvNlxSw, Willie Northpole feat. Bobby Valentino #1 Side Chick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCYQaTHFoXc, Lil Wayne “Lollipop” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=740d8sTpM7U and several other videos. There are a few females that I may occasionally lose it over and she is one of them. Fellas don’t worry you can thank me later for me putting you on to this great piece of “Eye Candy”but don’t let the beauty fool you. She is intelligent and grounded so if you come at her come correct. Oh and she tweets me back owww! Find out more about her http://www.vanessaveasley.com   











 @Stylescrybe- (Fessa pronounced Fee –sha) Jersey City/ Atlanta/ NY. Writer/ Blogger/ PR consultant. Experienced in fashion styling and entertainment journalism this HBCU alum is also a mechanical bull rider. She is my homegirl from across the water. This tall beautiful shoe goddess is a skilled PR consultant, who loves fashion & shoes. Her shoe game is unmatched and her knowledge of all things couture is tremendous. I first met Fessa almost a year ago and we have been friends ever since. Her style & vision can be seen here http://stylescrybesays.wordpress.com. She is currently doing PR work for the NY JETS linebacker Orlando Pace and a couple of other well-know clients. Fellas what I love about her is that she is cool as a fan, and she stays dressed to the nines. Watch out for her she is definitely on the come up!  











 @TheonlyTFG Chicago/NY– Beautiful, Opinionated, and has an excellent entertainment blog. Yup I’m talking about “The Only Fly Girl” she is so fly I don’t even know her real name. (Real Talk). After a successful career within the film and television industry, THEflyGIRL decided it was time to try something new. So she came up with her own website designed to reflect her own personal style, while educating people on how and what it takes to be fly! She is truly one of the best at her job and I frequently check her site for the most accurate entertainment news. (Note I said accurate) TFG prides herself on breaking stories and giving you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And if you claim that you are fly, them she will call you out if you’re not. I love that about her. TFG also is a Blogger for http://roc4life.com, and TFG has a great twitter timeline. See more of her over that way =====> http://www.flystylelife.com Fellas now you know I will never steer you wrong TFG has the Greatest smile in the world and yeah SHE IS FLY!        

Mela Machinko














@Melamachinko- Brooklyn, NY  Mela Machinko This my #1 Soul Sister this Brooklyn bombshell/former back up singer turned solo artist, sheds her soul through her music, and cool blog: http://www.newmoneymachinko.blogspot.com/. This sweet yet feisty Soul Sister keeps me highly entertained with her random tweets and commentary about her everyday life. This is a sister that you need to know. If you love the Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Ledisi, then you will love Mela Machinko. But don’t take my word for it see for yourself: Mela Machinko & Pharaoh Munch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3SODi3TQa8 and Mela with Talib Kweli Featuring MeLa Machinko “Hostile Gospel pt1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rowemKDOYqY            

So now that I pointed out the type of women you should be paying attention to I am expecting you to act accordingly. Respect them for who they are and what they have accomplished. Every King needs an appropriate Queen so when you step to them, tell um Young M. Clayton sent you!Eddie%20Murphy                 


Young M. Clayton                                                  


It seems I can’t go about my life for more than 48 hour spurts without some ignorant ass behavior stopping me in my tracks. You know, often Black folks will say that one should ‘mind their business’ and ‘it’s a free county’..which it is. And that’s why I think I am absolutely free to use today to air some folks out!

Tell Um Why You Mad, Son?














I’ll tell you what has me pissed. What has me pissed is that the average American has lost all class. I’m not talking about neglect to behave in a certain way because of religion. I’m not talking about being ‘elitist’ or acting ‘better than’ another racial group. I’m talking about plain old, good fashioned ‘giving a fuck’.









Let Me Explain!!

Most people on twitter (http://twitter.com/YoungMclayton randomly click the links shot out by others. Usually it’s to a funny video or picture. You might even get to see some NSFW (not-safe-for-work) material i.e. coochie/boobies pictures sent out by others users by accident or even on purpose. I’m not mad at that, grown folks do grown things and if you see the disclaimer and you press it and see some shit you didn’t plan on seeing then SHAME ON YOU.

You were trying to see SOMETHING you had to be warned about…

But on this day…I saw way too much!

Little momma is about 4/5 years old and is dropping the ill verbiage like a Riker’s Island Inmate! This CHILD then goes on to describe things in words I haven’t heard since I stopped riding the trains with the dock workers. She’s is standing around talking to the camera with adults who burst out laughing as she goes on and on.

She starts talking about the police sending someone to jail “right motherf—ing now.” and keeps going for a minute and forty-five seconds while the adult videotaping busts out into hysterical laughter and knee-slapping.
A few more tastes of what they find so funny:

“I will slap your  a– to the motherf—ing ground.”

“What wrong wit’ you ho?”

“I get paid everyday from my daddy, b–ch.”

The kid is obviously playing it up because the adults are laughing. And I know that some people even think a little kid saying “a–” once or twice can be funny but talking about ho’s, slapping people down to the ground, and prostitution? Yeah? Really? 

Videos of kids behaving badly seems to be the new thing. Here are a few more; I’ll be here to help you pick your mouth up off the floor when you are done watching. Notice how most of these videos are taped by THE PARENTS. 

and this video of this Mother combing her daughters’ hair is just plain wrong. Note how the person filming this abuse is laughing like this shit is funny. America you be the judge!

I have a son and I was a son and I know kids pick up things; now more than every does t.v. and music influence the way children behave and talk. That’s all something to consider but I have to tell you that I would be locked UNDER the jail for child abuse had I OVERHEARD someone say THEY OVERHEARD my child outside behaving like this. Now you can take that how you want; I demand respect from my child! 

Cosby said it. Obama said it. I’m saying it. 

 If the questions is now “WHO’S  GONNA CHECK ME BOO?”
























I know you guys are with me on a mission to uplift and improve ourselves; but I don’t think the people who REALLY need to hear me are REALLY getting the point. Maybe the internet is too small of a place? Maybe I need to shout louder? Maybe I need to fall back? Maybe I need a SOAP BOX in Times Square? Maybe I need to mind my own business and only worry about me and mine. 

Fuck that……

Maybe I need to take my message to the streets? So who’s with me?

*Soap Box Chronicles*

airs Nov. 2009

Are you ready?


Until next time America!



Young M. Clayton

N*gga We Off That!!!!

 Hello America,

I’m backrush NFL logo from my mini hiatus ready to fight yet another battle against racism, hatred and just plain old ignorance.  I was watching football last Sunday (my beloved #Jets) when on my screen flashes that Rush Limbaugh (racist & straight redneck) is interested in buying into the St. Louis Rams. When I saw the update I thought I was seeing thing, so I immediately grabbed my laptop and began looking up the news I had just heard. And low and behold it was true. Now if you have had the pleasure of meeting me or you know me, you know that my creative juices started to flow. So I meditated like a Buddhist got my mind right and started thinking about how I was going to call attention to this racist, ignorant bastard. (Sorry for the language but I’m tight). Then two days later Limbaugh appeared on the Today show and gave me the ammunition I need to poke holes in his story, like a thirsty female who pokes holes in condoms to trap her man. Yeah that type of serious!!!!!

So it got me to thinking, do black people even know the racist comments that Limbaugh has made in the past. Did anyone even see this interview? So I decided….

Instead of me explaining to you what my issue is with Rush Limbaugh I think its best if you follow me through some of his more “memorable” comments regarding the President and blacks in general. Sometimes you just have to read the nonsense for yourself.

The following quotes were aired on the October 13, “Today” show

LIMBAUGH: Too soon to say but I think it’s entirely possible. We do have Obama, and he’s truly polarizing the country.

LIMBAUGH DURING RADIO SHOW: I mean this is a joke of the administration, except it’s very, very real.

GANGEL: – we asked Rush to play word association. I say President Obama, you say?

LIMBAUGH: Disaster.

*Surely the disaster is having a Black man in office to Mr. GOP, here. Go ahead Rush, you can say, we know you want to but that would be too honest and too blatant*





  pres carter


GANGEL: Jimmy Carter.

LIMBAUGH: An utter disgrace and embarrassment. Sorry for the four words, but I needed them all.

*I wish I could have asked Limbaugh what caused him to call Jimmy Carter a ‘disgrace and embarrassment’? We all know it’s because President Carter spoke out against the racial attacks on our president? Does a man of Carter’s prestige even need to address a dirt bag like Limbaugh?*

GANGEL: Sarah Palin.

LIMBAUGH: Misunderstood and underestimated.

*I don’t think this answer and topic even warrant a response, it’s Sarah Palin after all. Word has it that since she’s resigned from office in Alaska she’s been racking up the personal appearance dates to push her ‘tell all’ book that wasn’t even written by her. SMDH@ this chick*


GANGEL: George W. Bush.

LIMBAUGH: He’s just the most decent, down-to-earth, real man you could ever hope to meet.

*Bush being a ‘decent’ and ‘down-to-earth’ guy is all relative to what you call decent and down to earth. I am sure Hitler had friends, so did every other man who ever abolished a nation or exploited a people. And on a side note, ‘decent’ and ‘down-to-earth’ is not synonymous with capable and effective. Those are the qualities I want in a person with the highest office of the country. This is government, not Bible study*

GANGEL: Glenn Beck. Do you worry about the new guy on the block?

LIMBAUGH: No. 1988, I’m the only national conservative voice. Now look at conservative media. Look what I have spawned. Glenn Beck to me is right on, daddio. Glenn Beck is a result of my success.

GANGEL:Bill%20Clinton-JTM-046843 Bill Clinton?

 LIMBAUGH IMPERSONATING CLINTON: You know I, I, when, when I hear Bill Clinton’s name I can’t help, I just start channeling the guy, and I can’t help. Look it, do you realize how quick and shifty I am, Jamie. Look at what I managed to pull. The Democrat Party is gonna be really, really sad when I’m gone. Because I’m the glue holding them together. I mean, I mean I’m wealthy. I sold a lot of books. I tell people I’m rich all the time. How my tax rate is and I still scored $2 million bucks for that stimulus plan that was supposed to create jobs. Ha, ha! How clever am I?

GANGEL: You’re bad.

LIMBAUGH: It’s all true. You see great comedy has to have an element of truth in it.

He’s lost 85 pounds and talks freely about his past struggle with addiction to prescription painkillers. Do you struggle with any of it anymore?

LIMBAUGH: With the, the opiates?


LIMBAUGH: The pain pills?




LIMBAUGH: I haven’t, I haven’t had a craving, which is, is odd, they say, but I haven’t. I haven’t had any, no struggles with it at all.

*You must be out your ever-loving mind if you believe this drug addict (or ANY drug addict) does NOT struggle with their addiction. This dude really DOES think we are all stupid..well, the people who listen to him ARE stupid..my bad!*

GANGEL: What did you learn from rehab?

LIMBAUGH: You know, I actually thank God for my addiction, because I learned more about myself in rehab than I would have ever learned otherwise. There was a time where I, I desperately cared what people thought of me, desperately. Not professionally. I always, somehow, knew that, that didn’t matter. But personally. When you’re worried about what people think of you, you stop being who you are and you start tailoring yourself to everybody else so that they like you.

*That is the final honest admission from a man who has sold his sold for a false cause and a large payday. He doesn’t worry about what people think, I bet those people even include his humanity and conscious*

Oh, continue reading…there’s more. So much more….

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.

Are you serious like dude we know the only reason why you want to own a team where 80% of the team is made up of minorities is because you want to own black people. I’m just saying I see you and no motherfucker you don’t get a pass on that.
“You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.

*You do realize that he’s referring to the man who assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr? Don’t you?*

“Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.

*Now, now, now…..for all of you sports fanatics that will use your dying breathe to defend ‘your’ team, I must ask. How do you feel about this comment? Have you been arguing and dissecting Limbaugh’s comments the same way you do ‘your’ team stats? No, I didn’t think so..*

“They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

*That’s Rush…and he’s talking about you. He’s talking about me. He’s talking about Black people. Still think he’s harmless? Are you still going to tune into the same networks that broadcast his show (Clear Channel Communications, I see you!)? I bet you tpower105-logoune in to your normal shows (Real Housewives of Atlanta, House, CSI, Fringe etc.). Those are much too important for you to miss though, right?* 
hot97_logoHe can’t be THAT bad of a guy right? Everyone has a mother, and all mother’s adore their children..they can do no wrong! Rush’s mother says this about her son “he flunked everything”, even a modern ballroom dancing class. This man is not educated, nor is he politically immersed. What he is though is related to many Republican lower level politicians and judges. That’s an important thing to know. We need to be clear on the fact that these people have an agenda. They were in power and their grasp slipped when America decided to come together for a shared cause to not allow political ‘us vs. them’ tactics to influence the last election. They never knew it was possible…and it’s their worse nightmare. The blatant racism this man spews is even more insulting given the fact no one is angry enough for me. The old timers go on air and complain, they rebut him..which is what they are supposed to do. I want to know where the anger is that causes riots, boycotts, that causes a challenge? Where are the political science students, teachers, laymen? Where are those educations in motion springing to life on the screen from the brown people who are NOT like the ones he’s trying to paint us as? Where is the intelligent communication regarding his bullshit? Where is it..it’s right here, of course. My voice is only so loud…



 Jay-Z said it best

“Same Black vs. White N*gga we off that.. Please tell Bill O’Reilly to please fall back

Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls… its 2010 not 1864″ Jay-Z – We Off That BP3


  “and any good action hero should have background music”
So Mr. Limbaugh N*gga  We Off That!!!!! is my new theme song for you!!!
I wonder who else is willing to shout with me?

That’s it for now….

Until next time America!!!!


Young M. Clayton

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