Can I get a witness from the congregation?

Can I get a witness from the congregation!

It’ Sunday you up bright and early, you shower, get dressed, get your child (dren) dressed, you eat breakfast then it’s off to your local church. This is a normal occurrence in any state in the “Black Community”. Black people gather at their place of worship and get their “Hallelujah and Praise HIM” on. Black people gather to get a “good word” or a sermon that would hopefully put/keep them on the right path to righteousness.  There is normally a dynamic Pastor, Deacon or Reverend delivering a powerful sermon, and in any minute someone is about to catch the “Holy Ghost”.

And you say to yourself  “God is good” and you feel good to be alive.

Then comes around the collection plate, once, twice, sometimes even three times in one service. If this sounds familiar to you then welcome to the world of “Black Churches”. Now let me be clear I am a God-fearing man, and I am pretty spiritual (don’t confuse Spiritual with being ‘Saved’ or ‘Religious’). But I refuse to fall victim to a lot of the hypocrisy that goes down in “Black Churches”. I always thought (and was taught) that God knows what’s in my heart. And that as long as you do well by him, then all is well. So it troubles me when you hear stories of “Pastors & Reverend’s” having affairs with the parishioners, stealing money, living a Down Low lifestyle (yeah I said it). What part of the game is that?

That shit isn’t right. I know that we as a race are a spiritual people, but being spiritual doesn’t mean you can’t use common sense.

It amazes me how minorities will spend their last piece of change on tithing, because “ you gotta give God 10%YEAH RIGHT. I bet most people don’t know that it mentions nothing about giving “Tithing” in the bible. You know where that came from? Reverend Make Me Rich. Since when is it cool to have people who barely have to nickels to rub together give their rent money, light, cable money to the church in order to get that blessing that they so desire. Then a week later you see the pastor/preacher riding around in a brand new car.

That isn’t right!

If I’m not mistaken the leader of the church is supposed to be a reflection of the people that they serve. Did you ever bother to wonder where exactly is the church leading you? Are you better for attending? Do you benefit from social programs and the feeling of community by interacting with your church? If not then….(ahem).

I thought church was supposed to be about the word, not how many big screens TV’s or, what type of sound system is in the church. I’ve been to churches where you would have thought you were in the club, not the pulpit. But I digress. Church should be about the message not the decor.

Speaking of messages, what’s good with the pastors, preachers, and deacons with little or no credentials spreading the good word? How can you educate the masses and you don’t have an education (training, a correspondence course from the back of the numbers books doesn’t count)? Did you study to become a theologists or did you retire your hoes and swapped one suit for the another? Did you go to school or did you become closer to God because you was shot at, stabbed or something along those lines. Who’s doing background checks? I’m just saying we scrutinized every other profession, so the same should apply to our churches. We have to do better, we have pimps calling themselves bishops and you let um. We have pastors, and preachers turning a blind eye to the spread of HIV and teen pregnancy within their own congregation because something in the Bible THEY READ says that these things are an abomination and should be ignored. I was taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. Don’t get me wrong there are good churches, and excellent pastors out there and for you I am truly thankful for making a difference in peoples lives, but black people have been led from shores of Africa, to the slave ship, to the pulpit in an attempt to teach us to ‘wait on it’. I’m done waiting. If you are a person of faith then join us to-night as we pull up the robes and uncover how ‘the devil’ just may be the very thing you spend your time, money and mental attention listening to each and every Sunday.



It seems I can’t go about my life for more than 48 hour spurts without some ignorant ass behavior stopping me in my tracks. You know, often Black folks will say that one should ‘mind their business’ and ‘it’s a free county’..which it is. And that’s why I think I am absolutely free to use today to air some folks out!

Tell Um Why You Mad, Son?














I’ll tell you what has me pissed. What has me pissed is that the average American has lost all class. I’m not talking about neglect to behave in a certain way because of religion. I’m not talking about being ‘elitist’ or acting ‘better than’ another racial group. I’m talking about plain old, good fashioned ‘giving a fuck’.









Let Me Explain!!

Most people on twitter ( randomly click the links shot out by others. Usually it’s to a funny video or picture. You might even get to see some NSFW (not-safe-for-work) material i.e. coochie/boobies pictures sent out by others users by accident or even on purpose. I’m not mad at that, grown folks do grown things and if you see the disclaimer and you press it and see some shit you didn’t plan on seeing then SHAME ON YOU.

You were trying to see SOMETHING you had to be warned about…

But on this day…I saw way too much!

Little momma is about 4/5 years old and is dropping the ill verbiage like a Riker’s Island Inmate! This CHILD then goes on to describe things in words I haven’t heard since I stopped riding the trains with the dock workers. She’s is standing around talking to the camera with adults who burst out laughing as she goes on and on.

She starts talking about the police sending someone to jail “right motherf—ing now.” and keeps going for a minute and forty-five seconds while the adult videotaping busts out into hysterical laughter and knee-slapping.
A few more tastes of what they find so funny:

“I will slap your  a– to the motherf—ing ground.”

“What wrong wit’ you ho?”

“I get paid everyday from my daddy, b–ch.”

The kid is obviously playing it up because the adults are laughing. And I know that some people even think a little kid saying “a–” once or twice can be funny but talking about ho’s, slapping people down to the ground, and prostitution? Yeah? Really? 

Videos of kids behaving badly seems to be the new thing. Here are a few more; I’ll be here to help you pick your mouth up off the floor when you are done watching. Notice how most of these videos are taped by THE PARENTS. 

and this video of this Mother combing her daughters’ hair is just plain wrong. Note how the person filming this abuse is laughing like this shit is funny. America you be the judge!

I have a son and I was a son and I know kids pick up things; now more than every does t.v. and music influence the way children behave and talk. That’s all something to consider but I have to tell you that I would be locked UNDER the jail for child abuse had I OVERHEARD someone say THEY OVERHEARD my child outside behaving like this. Now you can take that how you want; I demand respect from my child! 

Cosby said it. Obama said it. I’m saying it. 

 If the questions is now “WHO’S  GONNA CHECK ME BOO?”
























I know you guys are with me on a mission to uplift and improve ourselves; but I don’t think the people who REALLY need to hear me are REALLY getting the point. Maybe the internet is too small of a place? Maybe I need to shout louder? Maybe I need to fall back? Maybe I need a SOAP BOX in Times Square? Maybe I need to mind my own business and only worry about me and mine. 

Fuck that……

Maybe I need to take my message to the streets? So who’s with me?

*Soap Box Chronicles*

airs Nov. 2009

Are you ready?


Until next time America!



Young M. Clayton

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