You’re a Fake Baby!!!!!!

What’s good America?  I’m back to expose yet another fraud, snake charmer, charlatan someone who I allowed to get close to my circle and hurt people who I care about.

Who? You ask!

El Hafiz!! Is who!

Yeah my good friend Mr. #Tricky Hip (wait on this…..tune in…you’re not gonna wanna miss it!).

Design my homie @lordlike created for El Hafiz

Those of you who follow my blog or the #soapboxchronicles may have noticed that El Hafiz has been missing from the show for a few weeks.

To tell you the truth; he wasn’t bringing the type of energy that Tracy Renee Jones & myself needed to make a successful three-man show.  So I decided to cut my losses and let El Hafiz go a whole 3 weeks before this fuckery began.

No, I am not a Mrs. Cleo psychic extraordinaire; something about him just wasn’t quite RIGHT. But me being who I am, I offered to embrace ya boy and open up some opportunities for him through the show and networking with my #theillpen tribe.

El Hafiz has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Without getting into the whole story here (tune into this weeks edition of the Soapbox Chronicles for exclusive interviews with the key players) it seems that El Hafiz wasn’t forthright with his background.

But wait there’s more. (Snicker)

It’s funny how he used to always call me Mike Lowery (Will Smith’s character from Bad Boys I, II) and I feel like an ass for vouching for him (sorry America) but I was fooled too. His fuckery has caused stress to good friend of mine @thekiaXperience. You can checkout her video blog here as she tells the whole story of how her name was caught up in this mess.

I am in the business of promoting goodness and black power trips to the top. I smoke my bud, say my prayers, and eat my vitamins. I have to quell the,“That’s your boy“ (#tracyreneejones) comments. He never did anything wrong to me but he involved my people so me being “The voice of the people” I had to speak out and let my people know what is what.

So let me be clear

We here at the Soapbox Chronicles do not condone or agree with El Hafiz’s actions or comments. We don’t play those games on this side of town, and nor do we engage in this type of fuckery. We want to assure our fans that we will continue to bring you the real and the raw. With no additives and preservatives; please forgive us for breaking away from this week’s Slave Trade series. Instead, we’re gonna take this time to address why some black people want to shine but refuse to do the work necessary to bring their own authentic light.

But I digress,

That’s all for now America.

Young M. Clayton


Rappers, R&B Singers, Pedophile’s & the fans who love them!!!! (yeah you)

It’s been so much going on lately that I can’t even keep up. You might have noticed I been missing from my virtual hang out spots. Nah, I been around, but hadn’t been saying much. Sometimes I just prefer to watch…the Tweetstream (get your mind out the gutter). There are so many conversations going on at one time, it’s really an amazing place. I urge you to get up on Twitter if you haven’t already and be sure to peep me (Young M. Clayton) and my partner in crime (@tracyreneejones) when you get a chance. She’s working on a memoir book and you won’t want to miss the ANYTHING she has to say. Usually everyone is randomly tweeting but she stopped me in my tracks when I saw this:

  • (Tracy) Yall muthafukas listen closely to this one…Im digging in the bag..
  • (Tracy) I was 12 years old, on my way home from the neighborhood. was getting dark out. My Dad’s friend pulls up and offers me a ride. Almost got in
  • (Tracy) but something stopped me. I wanted to walk home and see my friends around the way. I promised that I would go straight home. Only 3 blocks.
  • (Tracy) He asked if I remembered him, of course, he came on the holidays and used to visit with my Dad, I would sit on his lap. He taught me to draw
  • (Tracy) When I hesitated from getting in his van, he asked if I was hungary. I said no, wondered why he would ask that.
  • (Tracy) Then he asked if he could take me somewhere to get something to eat. I wasn’t hungary and said no. seemed odd.
  • (Tracy) He then said we could get something to eat and hang out. He said we could go for a ride. Asked if I suc’d dick…he said “I’ll pay you!
  • (Tracy) I blinked at him cuz I didn’t understand the question, didn’t know what ‘suc’d dik’ was…I just felt funny that he asked me that
  • (Tracy) Then when it finally struck me what he asked, I turned red with embarrassment, then rage…I dug deep….and spit dead in his face n ran
  • (Tracy) Had nightmares, felt disgusting, always talk of someone doing something to me, even from my Dad’s best bud.
  • (Tracy) I never told my father b/c he would have killed that man and been in jail. I held that to myself. So, no…what is there to teach.
  • @**** but yet we debate R. Kelly REALLY being a bad guy..when some1 just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)
  • (Tracy) We can control and we can also be stringent when these things happen. All these young girls getting killed lately. Oh, well?!
  • @******* U are a woman, u already know…people claim your body, comments, touches, abuses, who do u run from? it’s everywhere!
  • RT @*******: @TracyReneeJones gd questions, b/c it’s not ‘stranger danger’.. most of the times, it’s sum1 well-known 2 the family
  • (Tracy) How does one avoid those that eat at their tables? How do u avoid your own family. U want to feel like it’s something u can control
  • (Tracy) And who do u tell young girls to fear? The uncle? The step Dad? The pastor? The older cousins? The babysitters older child? Who? How?

Did you see what she said right there? “we debate R.Kelly REALLY being a bad guy ..when someone  just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)”

R. Kelly’s new album has just been released. With all of the recent violence against children lately it makes me cringe to see the amount of promotion by fans and industry people of this pedophile. Maybe you didn’t see the video ( I did and it still bothers me) and until you do I urge you to not blindly jump to this man’s defense. I think it was clear to ANYONE that watched that video that Mr. Kelly has a bad habit….he likes young girls. What’s worse is that although people talked about it. NO ONE got angry about it. Quiet as it’s kept, that rumor is nothing new about your favorite R&B crooner. We can’t at one point care about Shaniya Davis and then disregard another child who is being abused by an adult. How do you determine the value of a child’s life?

The more interesting thing here was that people were defending R.Kelly’s actions instead blaming the little girl for being ‘fast’. I want you to ask yourself how does a little girl become ‘fast’? Does she naturally decide she wants to have sex and then finds a GROWN ASS MAN to give her body too? Explain that to me. Exploited sexual behavior by young girls is taught…ask yourself by whom and get back to me. When teens decide to start experimenting with ANYTHING (drugs, sex, alcohol) it’s almost always with their peers. Who goes to find an adult to sneak off with and do things you aren’t supposed to? Well, you can always ask Robert, he’s on Twitter (@KellZodiac)..tell him Young M Clayton sent you.

Tracy raised some very good points in her debate. You can’t assume it’s going to be a stranger. You can’t assume your child is too young to be able to communicate their privacy. YOU DAMN SURE CAN’T SHIFT THE BLAME TO THE CHILD!! We are losing our young people because we have become complacent. If it doesn’t involve instant gratification or negativity then we don’t care about it. If I ask you to take that extra step, involve yourself a little more, or do something uncomfortable some of you would fight me tooth and nail. You as a parent need to be more considerate of the people your child spends time with. Molestation does damage that takes years to be repaired often to parts of a person that you or I can’t see. What’s even worse than this is that it seems Kell’s has a companion in the music business. You may or may not have known this but Pleasure P has also been accused of child molestation. If you want to know more about this story you can check it out on Nicole Bitchie’s website. At first I thought it was just a rumor but now I am not too sure. My initial reaction is a prime example of how we as adults don’t want to believe shit stinks. We can be so quick to turn a blind eye and deny things that we don’t want to deal with. Because as you know, ignoring a problem doesn’t mean it goes away. Yo check Nicole’s blog and come back and tell me what’s really good.

Pleasure P & unkown minor courtesy of

(Pleasure P & unknown minor courtesy of

And to all the men out there that think it’s okay to touch a young girl or to have sex with a minor just make sure you don’t let me hear about it. If you stare and lust at those teenage girls your no better off. If you really want a female, how about you do some work on you so that you can play with grown up girls who do grown up things. Any man who will abuse a minor for sexual gratification is not worth breathing; especially one that uses his celebrity, influence and wealth as protection (I see you Roman Polanski) . If you turn a blind eye to anyone abusing minors than you are no better than they are. I sleep well at night…Do you!?

On that note like my home girl @Ms_AJC would say, “That is all”

Until next time America


Young M. Clayton

Sleeper Cell

“Clayton, you are sooo crazy!”

No, I’m actually quite sane and this is just a phrase that’s worked its way into everyday conversation. I don’t feel no type of way by having someone call me crazy…because it’s only a joke or rather the stigma of mental illness is a joke. Far too many people take this topic lightly and I believe it’s time for us to stop that. What happens when people don’t get the help that they need? What happens when a cry out for help goes unanswered?

Get your notebooks out for this one…

John Allen Muhammad

How many people out there know that John Allen Muhammad (the DC Sniper) attorney’s submitted an appeal  to the U.S. Supreme Court (prior to his execution) stating that he had extensive medical issues?  What’s even worse is that jurors were never allowed to hear Muhammad had brain damage, brain dysfunction and neurological deficits, as well as psychotic and delusional behavior before he was convicted. I wonder why this was kept a secret? I would have wanted to know that about him BEFORE his death. Who knew about that BEFORE his killing spree? Further evidence submitted to the courts included MRI brain scans, which confirmed Muhammad had three congenital malformations of the brain, two of which are found with greater frequency in people with schizophrenia.

Muhammad was not the only serial killer with these type of mental issues. You can also add Bobby Joe Long, David Berkowitz, Kenneth Bianchi, John Gacy, and serial killer Carl Panzram, who even realized that his behavior was unique and singular compared to the behavior of his immediate law-abiding, normal family members. Does this mean that the ‘crazy’ people even realized they were crazy?

While researching this article I found out that after the brains of 70 notorious serial killers were examined, it showed that all 70 had some frontal lobe damage which would have been caused as children.  Now to understand why this is important you need to understand what this part of the brain is responsible for. The frontal lobe located in the most anterior part of the brains hemispheres, and has been concluded by scientists to act as your conscience.  It’s essential functions are Self-control, planning, judgment, the balance of individual verses social needs, and many other essential functions underlying effective social intercourse are mediated by the frontal structures of the brain. Just think of it as the part of your brain that makes you ‘play nice with others’, it’s the part of our brain that allows us to be conditioned to live withing our society.

Let me break it down further for you...(pull out notebooks now)


The hypothalamus regulates the hormonal system and emotions. The “higher” brain has limited control over the hypothalamus. Because of the physical closeness of sexual and aggressive centers within the hypothalamus, sexual instinct and violence become connected for lust murderers. The hypothalamus may be damaged through malnutrition or injury.

limbric brain

The limbic brain is the part of the brain associated with emotion and motivation. When the limbic brain is damaged, the individual loses control over primary emotions such as fear and rage. The predatory gaze of the psychopath, according to Meloy, lacks emotions, and is as cold as a reptile’s blank stare. Reptiles are missing the limbic part of their brain, where memories, emotions, socializing, and parental instincts reside. In other words, serial killers are aptly described as “cold-blooded,” just like a reptile. 

temporal lobe

The temporal lobe is highly susceptible to injury, located where the skull bone is thinnest. Blunt injuries, including falling on a hard surface, can easily damage this section of the brain, creating lesions, which cause forms of amnesia and epileptic seizures. Damage to the temporal lobe can result in hair-trigger violent reactions and increased aggressive responses. As a child, Ken Bianchi fell off of a jungle gym, and landed on the back of his head. He soon began to have epileptic seizures.

Head injuries are not uncommon, especially when dealing with an adolescent. How many times have you observed children at play and noticed the one that likes to climb (and eventually bust their azz). I can readily recall a few instances where I was running about my little boy life looking for adventure and cracked my skull in play or by pure accident. I’m not a killer (<==disclaimer==>) or am I?

I got a friend, you got a friend, we all have a friend that USED to act fine…until that spill off that motorcycle or that accident at work. Hell, I even know a dude that was hit hard during football and turned into a different person once those bandages came off. It’s almost like he died that day on the field because I have NO IDEA who the guy  was that took over his body and behavior. I couldn’t get to know him either since his erratic violent temper and lack of effort caused him to be kicked out of school not too far after his return from recovering from his injury. Strange ending for a guy who was previously one of the nicest, most normal, easy-going dudes you could meet, on the honor society and Dean’s list.

You won’t know if a person is capable of random acts of violence until they do them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people slipping through the cracks. Don’t let the media distract you on this one by having you believe these murderers (and the hundreds of thousands that now sit on death row in thousands of prisons across the country) are calculating, evil wrong doers that took innocent lives.

As with anything else, there is (almost) always an underlying reason for people’s ill behavior. The news will tell you to keep an eye out for terrorist activity. I’m telling you to keep an eye out for those around you that are suffering in the kind of pain that you or I can’t see. I’m asking you to put on your 3rd eye shades and identify those in your personal life that may be in need of an ear. Do you know someone suffering a mental illness? Do you ridicule them or do you pay attention and try to empathize with what they are feeling? Do you know of any mental health resources that you could pass along on Twitter? Even a kind word of encouragement to get help a fellow human get by might mean the world to a person. It would mean even more to the lives that could be saved if and when that dormant ‘sleeper’ cells wakes up. And speaking of saving a life, I also wonder at what point does a criminal lose their “human rights”. I say America is not as ‘civilized’ as you may think. Check out part two of this post over at, she’s holding court in her crib right now. If we rush, we’ll get there right in time. Are you with me?

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