You’re a Fake Baby!!!!!!

What’s good America?  I’m back to expose yet another fraud, snake charmer, charlatan someone who I allowed to get close to my circle and hurt people who I care about.

Who? You ask!

El Hafiz!! Is who!

Yeah my good friend Mr. #Tricky Hip (wait on this…..tune in…you’re not gonna wanna miss it!).

Design my homie @lordlike created for El Hafiz

Those of you who follow my blog or the #soapboxchronicles may have noticed that El Hafiz has been missing from the show for a few weeks.

To tell you the truth; he wasn’t bringing the type of energy that Tracy Renee Jones & myself needed to make a successful three-man show.  So I decided to cut my losses and let El Hafiz go a whole 3 weeks before this fuckery began.

No, I am not a Mrs. Cleo psychic extraordinaire; something about him just wasn’t quite RIGHT. But me being who I am, I offered to embrace ya boy and open up some opportunities for him through the show and networking with my #theillpen tribe.

El Hafiz has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Without getting into the whole story here (tune into this weeks edition of the Soapbox Chronicles for exclusive interviews with the key players) it seems that El Hafiz wasn’t forthright with his background.

But wait there’s more. (Snicker)

It’s funny how he used to always call me Mike Lowery (Will Smith’s character from Bad Boys I, II) and I feel like an ass for vouching for him (sorry America) but I was fooled too. His fuckery has caused stress to good friend of mine @thekiaXperience. You can checkout her video blog here as she tells the whole story of how her name was caught up in this mess.

I am in the business of promoting goodness and black power trips to the top. I smoke my bud, say my prayers, and eat my vitamins. I have to quell the,“That’s your boy“ (#tracyreneejones) comments. He never did anything wrong to me but he involved my people so me being “The voice of the people” I had to speak out and let my people know what is what.

So let me be clear

We here at the Soapbox Chronicles do not condone or agree with El Hafiz’s actions or comments. We don’t play those games on this side of town, and nor do we engage in this type of fuckery. We want to assure our fans that we will continue to bring you the real and the raw. With no additives and preservatives; please forgive us for breaking away from this week’s Slave Trade series. Instead, we’re gonna take this time to address why some black people want to shine but refuse to do the work necessary to bring their own authentic light.

But I digress,

That’s all for now America.

Young M. Clayton


Rappers, R&B Singers, Pedophile’s & the fans who love them!!!! (yeah you)

It’s been so much going on lately that I can’t even keep up. You might have noticed I been missing from my virtual hang out spots. Nah, I been around, but hadn’t been saying much. Sometimes I just prefer to watch…the Tweetstream (get your mind out the gutter). There are so many conversations going on at one time, it’s really an amazing place. I urge you to get up on Twitter if you haven’t already and be sure to peep me (Young M. Clayton) and my partner in crime (@tracyreneejones) when you get a chance. She’s working on a memoir book and you won’t want to miss the ANYTHING she has to say. Usually everyone is randomly tweeting but she stopped me in my tracks when I saw this:

  • (Tracy) Yall muthafukas listen closely to this one…Im digging in the bag..
  • (Tracy) I was 12 years old, on my way home from the neighborhood. was getting dark out. My Dad’s friend pulls up and offers me a ride. Almost got in
  • (Tracy) but something stopped me. I wanted to walk home and see my friends around the way. I promised that I would go straight home. Only 3 blocks.
  • (Tracy) He asked if I remembered him, of course, he came on the holidays and used to visit with my Dad, I would sit on his lap. He taught me to draw
  • (Tracy) When I hesitated from getting in his van, he asked if I was hungary. I said no, wondered why he would ask that.
  • (Tracy) Then he asked if he could take me somewhere to get something to eat. I wasn’t hungary and said no. seemed odd.
  • (Tracy) He then said we could get something to eat and hang out. He said we could go for a ride. Asked if I suc’d dick…he said “I’ll pay you!
  • (Tracy) I blinked at him cuz I didn’t understand the question, didn’t know what ‘suc’d dik’ was…I just felt funny that he asked me that
  • (Tracy) Then when it finally struck me what he asked, I turned red with embarrassment, then rage…I dug deep….and spit dead in his face n ran
  • (Tracy) Had nightmares, felt disgusting, always talk of someone doing something to me, even from my Dad’s best bud.
  • (Tracy) I never told my father b/c he would have killed that man and been in jail. I held that to myself. So, no…what is there to teach.
  • @**** but yet we debate R. Kelly REALLY being a bad guy..when some1 just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)
  • (Tracy) We can control and we can also be stringent when these things happen. All these young girls getting killed lately. Oh, well?!
  • @******* U are a woman, u already know…people claim your body, comments, touches, abuses, who do u run from? it’s everywhere!
  • RT @*******: @TracyReneeJones gd questions, b/c it’s not ‘stranger danger’.. most of the times, it’s sum1 well-known 2 the family
  • (Tracy) How does one avoid those that eat at their tables? How do u avoid your own family. U want to feel like it’s something u can control
  • (Tracy) And who do u tell young girls to fear? The uncle? The step Dad? The pastor? The older cousins? The babysitters older child? Who? How?

Did you see what she said right there? “we debate R.Kelly REALLY being a bad guy ..when someone  just as similar murdered that little girl (used her body just b/cause)”

R. Kelly’s new album has just been released. With all of the recent violence against children lately it makes me cringe to see the amount of promotion by fans and industry people of this pedophile. Maybe you didn’t see the video ( I did and it still bothers me) and until you do I urge you to not blindly jump to this man’s defense. I think it was clear to ANYONE that watched that video that Mr. Kelly has a bad habit….he likes young girls. What’s worse is that although people talked about it. NO ONE got angry about it. Quiet as it’s kept, that rumor is nothing new about your favorite R&B crooner. We can’t at one point care about Shaniya Davis and then disregard another child who is being abused by an adult. How do you determine the value of a child’s life?

The more interesting thing here was that people were defending R.Kelly’s actions instead blaming the little girl for being ‘fast’. I want you to ask yourself how does a little girl become ‘fast’? Does she naturally decide she wants to have sex and then finds a GROWN ASS MAN to give her body too? Explain that to me. Exploited sexual behavior by young girls is taught…ask yourself by whom and get back to me. When teens decide to start experimenting with ANYTHING (drugs, sex, alcohol) it’s almost always with their peers. Who goes to find an adult to sneak off with and do things you aren’t supposed to? Well, you can always ask Robert, he’s on Twitter (@KellZodiac)..tell him Young M Clayton sent you.

Tracy raised some very good points in her debate. You can’t assume it’s going to be a stranger. You can’t assume your child is too young to be able to communicate their privacy. YOU DAMN SURE CAN’T SHIFT THE BLAME TO THE CHILD!! We are losing our young people because we have become complacent. If it doesn’t involve instant gratification or negativity then we don’t care about it. If I ask you to take that extra step, involve yourself a little more, or do something uncomfortable some of you would fight me tooth and nail. You as a parent need to be more considerate of the people your child spends time with. Molestation does damage that takes years to be repaired often to parts of a person that you or I can’t see. What’s even worse than this is that it seems Kell’s has a companion in the music business. You may or may not have known this but Pleasure P has also been accused of child molestation. If you want to know more about this story you can check it out on Nicole Bitchie’s website. At first I thought it was just a rumor but now I am not too sure. My initial reaction is a prime example of how we as adults don’t want to believe shit stinks. We can be so quick to turn a blind eye and deny things that we don’t want to deal with. Because as you know, ignoring a problem doesn’t mean it goes away. Yo check Nicole’s blog and come back and tell me what’s really good.

Pleasure P & unkown minor courtesy of

(Pleasure P & unknown minor courtesy of

And to all the men out there that think it’s okay to touch a young girl or to have sex with a minor just make sure you don’t let me hear about it. If you stare and lust at those teenage girls your no better off. If you really want a female, how about you do some work on you so that you can play with grown up girls who do grown up things. Any man who will abuse a minor for sexual gratification is not worth breathing; especially one that uses his celebrity, influence and wealth as protection (I see you Roman Polanski) . If you turn a blind eye to anyone abusing minors than you are no better than they are. I sleep well at night…Do you!?

On that note like my home girl @Ms_AJC would say, “That is all”

Until next time America


Young M. Clayton

The Blueprint 3.1!!!!!

Aight, now that you are firmly aware that the “thug” persona is dead and stinking by the side of the road your probably asking yourself, “Now what do I do?”. As usual, I got you…cause like B.I.G. said:
"The Notorious Biggie Smalls"

“I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
your game on track, not your wig pushed back”

 –The Notorious Biggie Smalls/ Ten Crack commandments

 These ain’t the 10 Crack Commandments, instead, they are the 10 Rules of Upward Mobility. Why? Because everything needs to change, including the words you use to communicate, how you make moves and your perception of your life. I bet you didn’t know that the rules of the streets apply in business. Do you see your life extending no further than the corner of your block or the city limits of your town or do you want more than your friends and family have ever been able to accomplish? If so…follow me and these rules and let me know how it works out for you. For all it’s worth. I just got hit in the head with some bullshit and will be working this plan the same as you.

The first is the most obvious which is why it’s often overlooked:

ProtectProtect Your Neck Ya Neck









 “If I ain’t in the street than why I gotta worry about protection?” Because you still have to protect yourself. The enemy isn’t the stick up kids on the block late at night in search of your jewels. That was easy. Now you gotta protect yourself from having bad credit. Most of the jobs worth having (well paying) require a credit check or finger print check with the local and federal police. You gotta protect your fingerprints for those high level jobs because you want to have as many opportunities available to you as you can. Felons can’t work with money. Felons can’t get a security license or register a fire arm. Bad credit can’t get an apartment nor a credit card nor certain jobs that pertain to money. If you haven’t been arrested, I suggest you continue to be law-abiding citizen and stay away from people, places and things that may get you caught up in their bullshit. No HR person is going to listen (and believe) your story about how you REALLY had nothing to do with those charges you listed on your application…it was your cousin Pookie and them and you were just standing nearby when the cops showed up. Don’t do it to yourself. Your connections are old jobs, old bosses or casual friends that you have come across. They may be able to hook you up with a job or a name or a number. It’s called networking. The best way to go about this is to keep in touch causally. Don’t just call when you need something. And the fastest way to burn out a connection is the same as it’s always been. Hook your connect up with someone whose irresponsible or reckless and your connect won’t want to fuck with you. So with that being said, only use your connects to hook up friends if the friends are worth your reputation. Be proactive about your resources: clean finger prints, good credit, your connections.
Know Your Streets

Corner of Lenox ave & Malcom X blvd







I bet you know where they sell the best Kush. I bet you know the fastest route to your Mommas’ house. In Geometry 101 we all learned that the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line (you DID pass Geometry, didn’t you?). All this means is that you can’t make moves if you don’t know where you are going? By this I mean…what is it that you are trying to do? If you don’t know then you need to identify what you want to be when you grow up. Or at the very least, figure out what you DON’T want to do and then work backwards. Find out what you need to do in order to do what you desire. No one is successful by accident. Once you identify which direction you want to go in now all is left is ‘the how’? Ask people who are doing what you want to do about how they got there. Go on….ask them how they did it. Question them about what it took to get where they are (education, experience, certain skills). If you are not near actual people who are into the field you would like to involve yourself in than you can always google the topic and read interviews by people in the field. You can go to seminars. You can just stop a mutherfucker  and say “Hey…how did you…?” and let them talk. Most people love to talk about themselves. By starting a dialogue you might meet someone capable of pointing you in the right direction or helping you to avoid wasted time and energy spent of useless preparation. Maybe he/she took a different route and you never considered what they did. Who knows? But you can’t arrive at a place if you have no idea where you are going. And No…no one is going to hire you so that you can ‘get experience’. For experience, might I suggest you look for an opportunity to volunteer. Working for free opens up networking opportunities which is experience you can put on your resume and the chance to ‘try out’ a situation before you make a full commitment to it.
A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed
zipped up mouth


  Are you looking for a job? Are you trying to learn a new skill? Is there some type of information that you seek? If so…then tell someone. Who? Whoever is willing to listen. Ask anybody who has moved up in the world about this and they will tell you that they pulled every last known contact they could think of to get closer to the people/place/thing that they needed to get put on. Your no different if you’re a new college graduate or if you’re looking to get work in that new hair salon across town at the strip mall. Talk. Talk. Talk and talk some more. No one is going to be able to help you if they don’t know you need help. You may have been taught to ‘pull yourself up by your boot straps’ and to not ‘put your business out there’ but then how will people know to approach you or keep you in mind if they were never aware that you were available for work? Think about that because I know plenty of people who complain in private but don’t tell the people who can help them that they NEED help. Everything ain’t for everybody but if you’re looking to get put on in some type of way, I suggest you scream that to the highest mountain. Remember…the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

 Stupid is As Stupid Doestupid is..s






Now this rule is one that I swear by, *Thanks Forest Gump* it amazes me sometimes when people do things that are just plain Stupid. Like not paying you’re rent on time, not paying the light/gas bill, just so you can have cable on. I mean do you understand the difference between a want & a necessity? My mother (I can hear her voice now.. love you mom) would always tell me pay your bills first, you can go without cable, but you can’t go without a roof over your head. People have to learn how to prioritize the things in life that are the most important. If I had to choose between paying my rent or my cell phone bill, I’m choosing paying my rent. Not being responsible and not making sound decisions is just plain Stupid!

 Check Yourself… Before You WreckDuckXing  Yourself!!!!









 This rule has many different interpretations; it can mean check your mental, spiritual and emotional health. Or it can mean before you lash out at other people, or feel the need to talk about other people Check Ya’Self! I have a problem with people who don’t take ownership in shit that they brought upon themselves. Before you get mad at the next man take a step back and ask yourself “what part did I play in this situation?” You have to be accountable for your actions. Don’t you know the definition of Insanity is: doing the same thing over & over thinking that each time you engage in this action you are going to get a different result.  I wise man by the name of HB (my late uncle) always told me there are three things you can do when you make a mistake 1: admit it 2: learn from it 3: don’t ever repeat it.Because if you keep making the same mistake, (especially if it’s a major mistake) you good wind up hurting yourself, your family, and your love ones. And that my friend is No Bueno! You have to be careful in life whom you chose to get slick with the mouth with. I see it happen all the time, someone starts mouthing of with another person, and they think that they can intimidate them or bully them with words or threats. And the next thing you know the person mouthing off finds himself or herself, writing a check with their mouth that their ass can’t cash. I’ve seen people get hurt really bad for coming out of their mouth’s sideways. Just go to your local funeral home and ask the mortician how many bodies wind up in their funeral home because of stupid, senseless, arguments that could have been avoided if you just Checked Ya’Self!

 If You Scared…Get a Dog








There are actually a few of you out there who I know for a FACT are scared to succeed. You are your own worse enemy and live your life the way you do in order to stay in the good graces of those around you. Maybe at one time you were the smartest kid in class but got picked on for being a ‘nerd’. Maybe you have a talent that no one knows about because you are scared of what ‘people‘ may say. Maybe you want to ‘stay in your lane’which just happened to be the one straight headed to no where fast. Maybe you don’t know anyone who has done what you are attempting to do. Your inner fears take over your judgement and you stop pushing forward. You know you can do better but your scared…and that’s okay. The only problem with fear is when you allow it to cause you to  sabotage  plans. No one can fuck you up better than you. Distractions, mistakes, missed opportunities..these are all subtle signs of a warrior who blinked. Even worse is that as you begin to listen to those voices in your head questioning your audacity you will more than likely have a group of ‘real’ voices telling you that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Defeatist opinions are not hard to come by. There is nothing wrong with being scared. But being scared doesn’t mean that you stop. It just means that you press forward…scared. Change is not the biggest problem when people want to make strides…THE FEAR OF CHANGE  is.

I wilroc4life2l not lose


You might now win, right now. Or tomorrow. I can guarantee that you will lose if you quit. Must I even go into the sayings about ‘quitters’? Didn’t think so. Change is uncomfortjayz_africa_rocawear_ad6able and it’s not easy. But you were the one wanting to make changes. Most of your life will require you waking up every day and having a ‘can do’ attitude. No one is going to be your personal cheerleader each and every day so your gonna have to do it yourself. Get amped. Get pumped. Get some ‘swagger’…and take your azz out there and don’t come back until you’ve given it every last once of energy that you’ve got. Then do it all over again tomorrow. You may hear “no” every day but all you need is one “yes” to turn it all around. So let’s go get that “Yes!”, shall we? If you need motivation just remember this

  “Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching” if you set yourself on fire with enthusiasm , then the world will watch you burn!

I don’t sleep because sleep is the cousin of death
people sleeping





 Jigga doesn’t sleep. Diddy “can’t stop, won’t stop” and Einstein determined that we waste “1/3 of our lives” sleeping. Now I don’t mean for you to go hard each and every waking moment of your life. Keeping up such a schedule can cause burn out and exhaustion and it won’t help you think clearly when the times comes for you to be on your A-game. However, there are some other aspects of your life that you can fall back from. That may mean no more late night jump-offs with 5 different people. It may mean turning off the television and focusing on only projects that will increase your value, give you an edge or teach you a new skill. Of course you should take time to relax, spend time with family and friends, eat a healthy meal and get adequate rest. And I hear you grumbling about how you are tired after pulling a work day for someone else. I know your time, yeah…me too. But if unless you got a rich uncle to support you while you make your life changes your gonna have to work your job and work yourself at the same time. Now is the time to learn to pace yourself, set yourself a schedule and plot your goals.Which leads me to…
If you faLarry fishburn in higher Learningil to plan, then you plan to fail


 (In Larry Fishburn voice in Higher Learning ) Mr. Williams you must have a plan! Success is no accident. Moving forward without doing your homework is just as bad as sitting down for an examination that you didn’t study for. Who da fuck knows what might happen next? The difference is..where you only have to answer a few questions on a piece of paper, all you risk is a bad grade. But take those kinds of risks with your livelihood and you may result in wasted time, money and effort. We have no time to bullshit! This is not a game. Mind you, bullshit is entirely different from wrong turns taken on the path to ‘a place’. So you did your homework, researched and networked. You have identified your goal and have been making honest strides toward it when out of nowhere, something changes! What do you do? Good question. If you were smart you would refer to your Plan B. You have a Plan B that followed Plan A in the event that something went wrong and it did. By preparing for changes and shifting variables you are more prepared for damage control. By planning the risks and the rewards, it becomes easier to recoup and get back on your feet than if you were just moving along blindly ‘hoping’ things go in your favor.

The key to my success is  Opportunity+Preparation=Success

I hope these rules that I have laid down, will serve as a Blueprint so to speak.

To help you get your game on track like Biggie said. I just wanted to share these simple rules that will keep you on the fast track to success!

That’s all for now America, I have to go and follow my own advise.


Young M. Clayton

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