Gimmie the Loot!!!!!!

Salutations America,


Every time you turn on the news you see images of buildings, homes, stores, banks, etc lying in ruins on the ground. You see images of  “looters” running up to trucks, running in stores (of the few that still exist) and hungry, tired, and hurt humans running the streets looking for food, water and other supplies.  These images invoke in me a feeling of sadness, and hopelessness as I scramble to find a reputable relief organization for me to make another donation to I couldn’t help but think, “ Why are they only showing people running the streets, and rioting? Why aren’t they showing us pictures of Haitian people digging thru rubble to find their love ones?”

Where are the images like this: where a Australian TV crew digs out a small Haitian toddler.

Maybe my question should not be one of location, rather, I should ask the question of intention.


Because the media controls all the images that you see on TV, Radio, and the Newspaper. If you don’t believe me, when you go home turn on any news channel and watch the coverage of Haiti. What you will see are images of people running the streets “looting & rioting” with a few wounded folks lying around in the background for good measure. These images are shocking and that’s exactly what they (media) want you to feel. The “shocked & appalled” is the dramatic set up to the “rescue by the savior” that’s a part of any good drama. The media wants you to feel relieved so when whatever government gets there and sets up shop, (see @elhafiz post who’s on first) we (the viewers) are lulled into sleep thinking that it’s okay for a new government to step in and continue to treat the people of Haiti poorly.

But I digress. Did it ever occur to you that the reason these people raided the U.N Food Storage Warehouse is because they are tired, hungry, and desperately need food?

The reasons why they were “running” and not “sprinting” to supply trucks is because few,  if any, trucks have made it through to areas that really need it? C’mon son our Haitian brother’s & sister’s are dying over there! I wouldn’t call people trying to find food & supplies “looters” or use a word like “stampede” because “stampede” is what wild animals do. “Survival” is what the Haitian people are orchestrating now and if it were you you’d do the same. So don’t make this into something it’s not; propaganda is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and if anyone is gonna blow smoke it will be in my cipher and not the tight white guy on Fox 5 news.


Anytime they (media) get a chance to feed us some bullshit, don’t accept it, see for yourself.  Do the research and form your own opinion. Believe it or not there are many stories of Haitian people becoming extremely resourceful by using their talents to give basic living needs for their people.  Haiti is a proud and resourceful country and I pray the world realizes that media plays a major role in how the rest of us see Haiti. And sometimes you can’t always believe what you see. Somebody has to step in or step, and if nobody will shine light on this topic you know I will. This is something we need to watch with a careful eye once the dust settles over in Haiti. To hear more about this topic tune into the “Soapbox Chronicles” Wednesday @ 10pm, voice your opinion, and let your voice be heard!

Until next time America


Young M. Clayton



  1. We will always be looked at as being savages, hence the looting. We will never be looked at like “Damn, Tyrone is hungry, and stomach damn near touchin his feet. Maybe he’s looking to nurture his body to survive another day”. Smh…….that’s the BS that our community will always have to endure…unless we come together and DEMAND respect and aknowledgement of our relevance. Its so racial…

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  3. Well written and thought provoking as always. My heart is completely with the people of Haiti. I feel for them for so many reasons on so many levels. Haitian people are suffering and have been suffering for a very long time way before the catastrope even occurred. It is a shame that it took a tragedy as such in order for Haiti to receive the much needed help that it has always needed. These people did not become poor due to the earthquake, they were already dirt poor. It is inherently wrong for the media to portray people who are meerly trying to survive as looters or rioters. Believe me I am just as appalled and frustrated as anyone else with any compassion for human life. It is also unfair for other countries to come in and take over a country because it is known that the people are in such desparate need of a resolution immediately and for the future, however, the flip side of the blame also goes to Haiti itself. Not to the people but to the government officials of Haiti. No matter how bad the sufferring no one should be allowed to come into our house and run things! I am sorry. Nothing is being done to protect Haitians from being exploited hence the media and the United States walk right in the front door and start running the show. It is never okay for another government to come in and treat people poorly. Unfortunately they have not been treated much better by their own government. Haiti’s government officails need to step up their game & stop the madness from continuing. As I’ve said before, an old Hatian proverb, “If you enter a room with your honor, you can leave with your respect.” I say Haiti needs to finds its honor and take back its respect! God bless Haiti!

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